Thanks to E.L. James, we now know that there are many more shades of gray than we thought. We think this shade has been overlooked and labeled as bland for far too long. Gray can actually be calming, relaxing and sexy. Yep, we’re calling it like it is. Put some in your bedroom and… let’s just say that it’s a good decision. Here are 50 gray bedroom accessories to get you started.

For The Bed

1. Rivulets Quilt ($40 – $368): Add a touch of elegance and romance to your bedroom with this soft gray quilt that will keep you warm in the winter and cool off your bedroom’s vibes in summer.

2. Byway Throw ($70): Patterns are good in your home, especially when they go on your bed. This throw blanket will complement whatever duvet you’ve got going on.

3. Countdown Pillow Cover ($30): Remember those old-time romance movies with the passionate kiss before the credits? Here’s a pillow that will give you that same feel.

4. Chalk Dottie Duvet Cover ($25): We’re a fan of using chalk everywhere, so we’re down with this chalk duvet cover.

5. Scales Throw ($60): While this cotton throw is mostly all neat and nice, that bright edge dares to make a big impression.

6. Tassled Jacare Pillow ($88+): You’ll really want to curl up against these pretty pillows all afternoon. They’re perfect for reading.

7. Stepped Stripe Duvet Cover ($30): Stripes are good, especially when you have so many lovely shades of gray to choose from.

8. Fringed Throw ($129): It’s chunky and fuzzy and perfect for snuggling. There’s no way you can resist putting this on your bed.

9. Tecca Pillow ($40): The color says “relax,” while the fabric says “eclectic.” To top it off, the pattern totally says “roar.”

10. Bjornloka Duvet Cover ($40): Just try and get past these bold gray stripes and that crisp white linen. We bet you won’t be able to resist putting this on your bed.

11. Cross Throw Blanket ($99): It’s the perfect mix between an old classic and a new color scheme. Same old crosses, but a lovely new color.

12. Faux Fur Pillow Cover ($48): This pillow promises to bring some major feels into your bedroom — the fuzzy kind.

13. Mina Flower Duvet Cover ($89): With this bedspread, it will feel like you’ve smothered your mattress in modern lace.

14. Demir Throw ($120): You’ll wish you had an authentic kilim rug to match this gorgeous throw.

15. Square Pillow ($59): We totally go head-over-heels for anything with a pom pom fringe, and that intricate pattern adds luxe detail to your bedroom.

16. Zigzag Duvet Cover ($89): We still haven’t gotten over our chevron obsession, and this duvet cover pairs so well with all the other patterns we’ve got going on in our bedroom.

17. Tufted Headboard ($286+): You’ll be feeling fancy with a tufted headboard like this one.

18. Nyponros Duvet Cover ($30): Pinstripes are super classy, especially when they come in gray on a duvet cover.

19. Dozing in Darling Pillowcases ($35): Say exactly what you want to say without actually saying it with these bold pillowcases.

Walls and Windows

20. You and Me and the Cat Art Print ($26): So this might not be the best print for dog owners, but if you’re a cat lover, it deserves a spot in your bedroom.

21. World Map Decal ($158): We’re not gonna lie: Putting a map of the world on your bedroom wall might inspire a serious case of wanderlust.

22. Linen Curtains ($80): What matters the most is that they can’t see in, right? ;)

23. Adventure Art Print ($26): This print definitely encourages you to have adventures inside and outside the bedroom.

24. Feather Wallpaper ($68): It’s light, it’s all kinds of gray and best of all, it’s removable — oh yeah, we’re into it.

25. Parlor Curtain ($148+): When it comes to romance, these curtains promise to hold nothing back.

26. Moon Art Print ($18): The miles of “I love you to the moon and back” just got a lot shorter with this on your bedroom wall.

27. Birch Trees Decal ($105): With a forest of decals on your wall, you’ll easily get lost together.

28. Moment At Sea Framed Art ($80): You can almost hear the waves splashing up over the sand. Now all you need is a sea salt candle.

29. Scroll Medallion Curtain ($23+): These drapes keep things nice, flowery and light, don’t you think?

Decorating Bits

30. Smokey Square Vase ($33): Fresh flowers are a must for getting those romantic vibes to flourish in your bedroom.

31. Raindrop Table Lamp ($115): Yes, even your bedside table lamp can be a shade of gray. We think it’s pretty awesome.

32. Catchall Basket ($30): Keep things in ship shape in your bedroom with this cute little basket that’s practically begging to hold all your clutter.

33. Succulent Jewelry Holder ($64): Corral all your rings and bracelets on this pretty ombre jewelry cacti.

34. Concrete Bowl Planter ($32): While we’re talking about cacti, why not add some real ones in this planter that will perfectly match all your other gray accessories?

35. Astoria Nightstand ($1,238): Sure, this might be a bit of a splurge, but we definitely see IKEA hack potential here.

36. Chevron Rug ($655): Don’t forget your floors. They need some shades of gray too, and this chevron rug does just the trick.

37. Highland Wall Vase ($30): This is exactly the piece you’ve been looking for to finish off your bedroom gallery wall.

38. Kvarnvik Box ($17): A few of these lined up in a row would make for some pretty shadystorage. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist!)

39. Bird Candles ($6): These birds will make pretty guests on your nightstands, but you don’t have to be afraid of them making a peep.

40. Serpentine Wool Rug ($189+): While we’d never want an actual snake in our bedroom, we’re all about snake skin print, especially when it’s got a slightly geometric edge, like this rug.

41. Magazine Basket ($49): We think you’ll agree that this is the perfect storage solution for all your bedside table reading material.

42. Mini Scoop Vase ($98): Whether you’re rocking neutral colors in your bedroom or you’ve got an all-gray color scheme, this super modern and unique take on a traditional vase is just what you need.

Wear It

43. Gray Pajamas ($18): We would totally love going to bed in these delicate, lace-trimmed jersey fabric pajamas.

44. Cashmere Slide Slippers ($125): Slide your toes into these soft slippers for ultimate homey comfort, and pour yourself a cup of hot chocolate while you’re at it.

45. Sacha Slip ($68): We’re here to tell you that there probably isn’t a comfier, more feminine nightgown out there.

46. Eye Mask ($25): You’ll get a good night’s rest while looking absolutely fabulous as you sleep with this eye mask on.

47. Jumpsuit Pajamas ($25): Jumpsuits are back with a bang, and we imagine these jersey pajamas are insanely comfortable.

48. Pajamas Tee ($38): For those gray sky days when you just don’t want to get out of bed, you’ll be wearing this All. Weekend. Long.

49. Snakey Chemise ($92): Get your sexy on with this delicate lacy chemise. Don’t be surprised if your SO asks you to wear it again and again.

50. Eyelashes Slip ($68): We always want more lace, and this slip delivers. We’re all about lace in the bedroom.

How will you incorporate gray into your bedroom? Tell us below!