We鈥檙e halfway through 2016, which makes it a perfect time to check in: Have you fallen off your New Year鈥檚 resolutions wagon? It鈥檚 okay鈥 us too! It鈥檚 tough to stay motivated to get out of bed early to work out, travel more, cook at home and find a new job, especially when you鈥檝e made these goals right after you spent December overindulging, overspending and under sleeping. We鈥檙e all about creating (and achieving!) goals to better ourselves even mid-year, and knew there had to be a more manageable way to do it. That鈥檚 where New Moon Manifestations come in. We first heard of the monthly manifestation practice from Ambi Sitham, astrologist and life coach, on the That鈥檚 So Retrograde podcast, and were so intrigued by the idea that we had to chat with her ourselves to get the cosmic scoop on the lunar ritual.

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What Are New Moon Manifestations?

Simply put, New Moon Manifestations are written goals you make at the beginning of every moon cycle to be fulfilled by the next full moon. Sitham says the practice dates back to farmers鈥 crop cycles: planting during a new moon and harvesting during a full one. New Moon Manifestations are similar on a metaphorical level, as you write out your goals for the month during the new moon and reap the benefits four weeks later.

Why Do New Moon Manifestations?

Sitham says, 鈥淲e鈥檇 be crazy not to harness the energy of the moon cycles,鈥 since we are, in fact, made up of 70 percent water. She points out that if the tides are so affected by the moon, doesn鈥檛 it follow that we鈥檇 be too? And while she鈥檚 all about those 鈥渁iry fairy鈥 parts of manifesting, Sitham鈥檚 got a major practical side too. 鈥淲riting down your goals each month gives weight to your intentions,鈥 she says. 鈥淚t鈥檚 a big energetic step that makes you move toward your goals.鈥 She believes it is important to 鈥渞eview chunks of time as they pass,鈥 whether its health, career or relationships, and these monthly manifestations help you do just that.

How Should I Do Them?

New Moon Manifestations are all about cleansing and renewal, so Sitham suggests taking the time to clear your space, light a new candle, take a detoxing salt bath and meditate before writing out your manifestations. It鈥檚 important that you physically write them out on paper, she says, rather than on your phone or computer, so you can really 鈥済et into a feeling place.鈥 She suggests writing around 10 manifestations each New Moon and to start with more general ambitions before moving on to specific goals as you begin to see results each month.

And while Sitham says it鈥檚 perfectly acceptable to set whatever intentions you want to, she likes to tailor her intentions to each New Moon鈥檚 position in the zodiac, as it enters a new house each month. For instance, the moon is in Cancer for July, so she suggested focusing on emotional, personal manifestations (she sends out a newsletter each month detailing each moon鈥檚 characteristics).

Basically, as Sitham so effortlessly put it, 鈥淎nytime can be your new year!鈥

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