On Monday,聽Apple announced some聽*major* things at the March Special Event, including the new iOS 9.3 update that鈥檚 available right聽now. Some of you may have already downloaded the newest update to聽get your hands on all the features and some of you,聽well鈥 some of you might be update procrastinators.聽Maybe聽your apps haven鈥檛 been updated since the day you downloaded. Maybe you鈥檙e still using iOS聽6 and wondering why your phone looks totally different from everyone else鈥檚.聽Does this sound like you? If so, here鈥檚 why you should聽get to updating ASAP.


1. Safety and bug-fixes.聽One of the biggest reasons why apps + operating systems release new updates (especially following a major one) is to patch up security holes and fix bugs. We all know how wily and dangerous hackers are nowadays, and tech companies have to stay ahead of the game to keep their users safe. Hence, new updates are always a good idea because the latest version is generally the safest. Of course, we always encourage you to do your own research before you update to see what changes are happening in each new version (you can also check out 鈥淲hat鈥檚 New鈥 for each app when you look at Updates in the App Store or Google Play Store).

2. OS Updates get beta tested.聽The new iPhone OS that got released today has gone through SEVEN different beta versions before it got released to the public. Beta testers for Apple (and other tech co鈥檚) try out these new versions before everyone else in order to provide feedback and report bugs that can then be amended in the next beta update. Basically, the bigger the update, the more beta testing is done in order to smooth out the wrinkles. That鈥檚 not to say new updates are bug-free (we all know what happened with iOS 9鈥檚 common bugs), but at the end of the day, updating your apps is still safer.

3. New features. Duh.聽With major updates (like iOS 9 or even 9.3), there are usually going to be some awesome new features getting introduced. Some of the聽best iOS 9 features included聽a whole library of new emoji, a swanky new News app and so much more. With the聽iOS 9.3 update, we聽get Night Shift and Touch ID-protected Notes. No update? No awesome new features for you. The tech FOMO will be real.

4. Obsolete apps can stop working.聽If you鈥檝e ever tried accessing an app and found that it isn鈥檛 loading like it used to or certain features are no longer working, you should probably check the App Store or Play Store to see if there鈥檚 a new update. Older versions can become obsolete and stop working over time. That鈥檚 one more reason why you should make sure you鈥檙e up-to-date.

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