It’s a cold (cycle) truth: Washing your clothes to make them feel brand-new actually shortens their lifespan. True, they have to be cleaned — even your denim needs to go for a dip eventually. But after week-in and week-out of spin, suds and tumble, fibers get frazzled, sometimes beyond the point of no return. Good news though, there’s a middle ground between constant care and going au natural with your garments. Meet Mr. Black, a line of specialty cleaning products that aims to keep clothes fresh longer so you don’t have to wash them as often.

Founded as way to help selvedge denim stay clean outside of the washing machine, the Australian brand lauded for its Denim Refresh spray has since branched out with a range of sprays and washes formulated to suit specific fabrics, because all detergents are not created equal. Made from biodegradable, all-natural ingredients, Mr. Black’s line of odor and bacteria-busting sprays includes one especially for everyday cottons and linens, another for your high-performance sports fabrics and others made to extend the wear time of delicates, leather and wool and cashmere. Spritz ‘em on your blouse, muscle tee or pencil skirt and toss ‘em back into high-rotation — that’s all it takes for your favorite garments to stand up to multiple wears. And whenever the time does come to count your quarters, Mr. Black offers an enzyme-free wash to match. True, that means extra sorting and extra loads if you want to take particular care, but don’t you owe at least a little extra TLC to the mix-and-match separates that have never let you down in a style pinch? Though lazy girls can always nab the regular wash, dark wash and white wash formulas — Mr. Black’s got your backs.

Would you skip laundry day and use these sprays instead? What other cleaning hacks do you have that help you wash your clothes less often? Tell us in the comments below.

(h/t Racked)