It’s a cruel curse: The most wearable of garments is also the least washable. Whether you wear them skinny, straight-legged or slouchy, when it comes to cleaning your favorite pair of denim jeans, you’re supposed to avoid the washing machine at all costs (Ew!). It’s an obscure, yet universally accepted precedent that you either live by, aided by #lifehacks like freezing your jeans to get rid of the funk, or that you ditch after the first signs — or should we say, first sniffs?! — of overwear. But now a gimicky third option is available to denim darlings that’s aiming to please both camps. Portuguese fashion brand Salsa has launched a line of slim-fit fragrance jeans that are infused with fruity scents.

Made in five perfect-for-summer pastel hues, the medium-rise denim is embedded with perfumed microcapsules that diffuse their tang over time. Aromas are fruit themed, featuring the scent of blueberry, orange, lemon, apple and strawberry wafting from your thighs like they were Jolly Ranchers. According to Salsa, the fragrance lasts up to 20 washes, which gives these statement pants some staying power away from your “dirty” bin.

Retailing for 63 Euros, or approximately $86 USD, the fragrance jeans have us totally intrigued (and would even more so if we were, say… 16-years-old with a mall job-backed disposable income). That’s because once the technology for “self-cleaning” clothes is streamlined, whether the garments it fabricates are simply scented or spill and sweat-proof, it has potential to revolutionize the way we interact with what we wear. You may even get to cancel those weekly trips to the laundromat in the near-future (what WILL you do with all that free time + alllll those extra quarters!?). Just remember to let your washing machine down gently when the time comes — It’s not you, it’s me.

So fess up: Would you wear these fruit-scented jeans? Would you EVER wear scented jeans? If you could create your own dream jean “fragrance” what would it be? Or, would you just suck it up and put ’em through the wash? Tell us in the comments below.

(h/t Springwise)