Once it starts to get a little chilly outside, finding picture-perfect settings to capture engagement photos isn鈥檛 really a problem. Between the glittery snow, gorgeous trees and twinkling outdoor lights, it鈥檚 arguably the best season to capture those aww-worthy moments. And since wedding planning is serious business (overwhelmed much?), the last thing you both want is to have those 鈥渨hat do I do with my hands?鈥 moments when the photographer arrives. So book your photog ASAP 鈥 these engagement photos serve up some serious winter wonderland inspiration.

1. String Up Some Lights: Bright string lights are the key to any color-obsessed holiday enthusiast鈥檚 heart 鈥 let your love shine bright with some seasonally appropriate props. (Photo via Hayley Sheffield)

2. Light a Fire: Grab your sweetie and your warmest blanket and get ready for the coziest shoot ever. Don鈥檛 forget to bring the s鈥檓ores! (Photo via Love Is a Big Deal)

3. Head to the Christmas Tree Farm: A holiday-themed engagement photo doesn鈥檛 get much more authentic than this. (Photo via Go Tell the Birds)

4. Landmark Love: No snow in your area this year? Showcase your hometown and your favorite landmark in all its winter wonderland glory instead. (Photo via Origin Photos)

5. Foggy Memories: How pretty is this cloud-like backdrop? Don鈥檛 think for a second that gloomy weather will keep you from having gorgeous engagement pics. (Photo via Katch Silva)

6. Take a Hike: Brave the cold and set out on a hike in your green surroundings 鈥 you鈥檙e guaranteed to find quite a few photo-worthy spots. (Photo via W & E Photographie)

7. Wear Your Best Flannel: Coordinate your colorful flannel and fun patterned sweaters with your partner for a seriously sweet shoot. These holiday sweaters are anything but ugly ;) (Photo via Lauren Methia)

8. Sweater Weather: If the weather outside is frightful, ditch the pom pom hat and don a cold-weather crown for a cozy indoor photo session. (via Brooke Schultz Photography)

9. Don鈥檛 Forget Your Pup: If your pups are snow enthusiasts, bring 鈥檈m along for the trip! Not only will they have a blast, but it will also make for some genuinely joyous candids. (Photo via Kelly Lemon Photography)

10. Pack a Winter Picnic: Bring a thermos of eggnog (or your seasonal beverage of choice) for a romantic winter picnic photo. The flannel blanket is a must. (Photo via Taylor Clark Photography)

11. Play a Song: Flex your musical muscles and bring your (or your partner鈥檚) guitar to the photo session. Bonus points for a peek of some seasonal patterned socks. (via Carolyn Scott Photography)

12. Bring an Umbrella: Don鈥檛 want to expose those rosy cheeks in your engagement pics? Bring a fun umbrella and leave the rest to the imagination. (via Classy Girls Wear Pearls)

13. Take a Walk in Winterland: Grab your best warm layers (red Wellies, FTW!) and head out for a stroll in the snow. Don鈥檛 forget the hot cocoa! (via Colson Griffith Photography)

Any winter wonderland photo ideas that we missed? Share your winter engagement pics/inspiration in the comments!