Picture it: It鈥檚 a few weeks from now, the magic of the first big snowfall is starting to wear off and you鈥檙e catching some serious cabin fever. You and your other half want to get out and do something, but going to yet another movie or wandering aimlessly around the mall isn鈥檛 going to cut it. You want to breathe in some fresh air, feel the wind on your cheeks and maybe even jump in the snow. The only problem is you鈥檙e blanking on how to do it. That鈥檚 where we come in. Scroll on for awesome outdoor date night ideas that鈥檒l see you right through 鈥榯il your first spring date.


1. Build a snowfort. Remember how cozy a snow fort used to feel when you were little? You鈥檇 spend hours building it, then even more hours reveling in your new little haven. Who says you can鈥檛 recreate that feeling when you鈥檙e an adult? Dig out your snowsuits and build your version of an igloo 鈥 you could even have a cozy hot chocolate date in the fort once construction wraps!

2. Go snowshoeing. Snowshoeing is great because it requires relatively little coordination, which makes it a safe bet for a date early on in the relationship. Rent some snowshoes, find a particularly pretty trail and your cabin fever will be instantly cured.

3. Create a city-wide scavenger hunt. These are super fun and a great way spend a whole Saturday when you鈥檝e been cooped up in the office all week! You could either organize one yourself or use one already made up by a service like Stray Boots.

4. Volunteer to walk dogs. Call up your local animal shelter and see if they have any need for volunteer dog walkers/cuddlers. Chances are they do, especially ones who are willing to brave the cold! You鈥檒l get the warm fuzzies from doing something great, plus you鈥檒l get to cuddle some adorable pooches. What鈥檚 not to love?

5. Do a winter photoshoot. Winter鈥檚 a great time to get out and capture some unexpected memories. Whether you hire a photographer to come along or you DIY it, you鈥檒l be able to get outside and explore for a few hours, and have some beautiful keepsakes to boot!


6. Be a tourist in your own city. Grab a coffee or hot chocolate, map out a route and hit all the spots you鈥檝e been talking about visiting for years. Bonus: Winter is a good time to beat crowds of tourists that hit some cities in the summer!

7. Take a nighttime walk. There鈥檚 something really magical about late-night wintertime walks. Bonus points if it鈥檚 gently snowing, but you can still see some stars.

8. Take a skiing or snowboarding lesson. Instead of trying to teach yourselves, why not take an hour-long private skiing or snowboarding lesson for the two of you? You鈥檒l get to try something new with the guidance of an actual professional. If it goes well, it could lead to a whole season of hitting the slopes together.

9. Go sledding. Here鈥檚 another way to tug at the nostalgic heartstrings. Grab a toboggan from your garage or pick up a couple cheap ones and hit the hills. It鈥檚 guaranteed to be a night of laughing 鈥榯il your stomach hurts.

10. Take a Christmas light tour. Every city has the one neighbourhood that鈥檚 known to go all out with Christmas lights. Once you find it, take a walk around and marvel!

11. Go winter camping. This one鈥檚 only for those with serious cabin fever, but can be a great way to get out into the fresh air for more than just an hour or two. You鈥檒l need all the appropriate gear, of course, but maybe someone you know has some you could borrow 鈥 or you can rent it from a local activewear store.

12. Learn hockey. Chances are at least one of you has strapped on some skates and grabbed a hockey stick before. Sometimes the best dates are ones where one of you teaches the other something new. Find an outdoor public rink or a pond or lake that鈥檚 safe to skate on and toss the puck around.

13. Find a hot tub. This one鈥檚 pretty self-explanatory. Volunteer to housesit for a friend who has a hot tub, take a drive to your nearest hot springs or spring for an affordable hotel. It鈥檒l make for a steamy, unexpected winter date night!

14. Have a snowball fight. This is a guaranteed night of unstoppable laughter. You鈥檒l end the day exhausted in the best possible way, with your cabin fever completely cured and ready to cozy back up on the couch together.

15. Go to a maple syrup farm. This one鈥檚 obviously location dependent, but if you have one nearby, take a quick drive out to your local sugarbush. You can spend a couple hours exploring and then head inside for a pancake brunch or some maple candies. YUM!

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