Dipping temps and red-tinged leaves mean we’ve got cabin fever. But in this case, that’s a good thing. We’d love to sneak away to a wooden shack, Abe Lincoln-style, and not emerge until spring. For our fellow city- and suburbia-dwellers, we’ve got a roundup of 18 snow-covered and forest-fringed cabins to fuel your own cabin fever.

1. Glass House: Big glass panels blur the lines between indoors and out. One of our favorite parts about this cabin is you can rent it. Yup, we know where we’re spending Holidays 2015… in Wisconsin. (via Candlewood Cabins)

2. Poolside Cabana: Tiny cabin with a tiny pool?!?! We’ve basically died and gone to luxe lumberjack heaven. Full disclosure: This is a poolside bungalow and part of a bigger house, but we’d like to let the owners know that we plan on setting up permanent residence in there. (via Tiny House Talk)

4. High Roller: This cabin on wheels means that you can take that rustic chic look with you wherever you go. (via Brit + Co)

5. High-Concept Cabin: Coziness meets contemporary design in this old sawmill turned larchwood cabin on Austria’s Lake Weissensee. (via Holiday Architecture)

6. Old Bones: Originally built in the 1800s, this cabin is now a luxury rental at Dunton Hot Springs Resort in Colorado. (via Dunton Hot Springs)

7. Water-Colored Roofs: These abandoned A-frames sit at the end of the earth in breathtaking Patagonia. (via Cabin Porn)

8. Lofted: Designed by Olson Kundig Architects, this pre-fab cabin in Washington State boasts great forest views with a bevy of windows. And will you check out that open-close functionality for when you’re back in the concrete jungle? Pretty nifty. (via Inhabitat)

9. Deer Cabin Reverie: One room + 300 square feet = infinite happiness. (via Architectural Digest)

10. Black and Boxy: At this bungalow tucked away in a Finnish forest, it’s all about the wood-burning stoves — a cozy cabin must-have. (via Scandinavian Deko)

11. Prefab Retreat: When you’re legendary Danish furniture designer Jens Risom, this is what going off the grid looks like. (via Fast Company)

12. Salvaged Cabin: There are lots of fun facts about renowned architect Olle Lundberg. He designs funiture for IKEA. He lives on a boat in the San Francisco Bay. And he escapes to this cabin in Northern California as often as he can. (via Gardenista)

13. Wooded Welcome: If you’ve been to Montana, raise your hand. If it’s in the top five most beautiful places you’ve ever been, keep ’em raised. Just as we suspected. All hands are still in the air. The inside of this cabin is fit for rustic parties. The entire interior is one giant great room, with just one bedroom and a sleeping loft for anyone making a slumber party out of their visit. (via Decoholic)

14. DIY Cabin: DIY cabin… say what!??! It’s true. Mariah Morrow and Ryan Lingard built this 130-square-foot cabin (plus deck!) with just $57,000. Who says second homes are only for the upper crust? (via Sunset)

15. Dwarfed by Giants: A simple log cabin looks extra cozy nestled among giant sequoias in California. (via Dale Carlson)

16. Teeny Tiny: The tiny house movement makes living small look good, like this itty bitty cabin on wheels from Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. (via Tumbleweed Homes)

17. Snowed In: We’ve never been so happy to see this much snow. (via The Perfect Palette)

18. Live Big: Making the most of your square footage is essential when building a getaway. Because all of your friends and family are going to want to join you for the weekend. Follow this couple’s example by making the deck part of the living space and using sliding doors and loft beds to hide away sleeping quarters when they’re not being used. (via Sunset)

Which cute cabin do you want to escape to? Share with us in the comments below!