You’ve scoured the best wedding inspo Pinterest accounts the internet has to offer; you’ve sent out your gold foil invites and you’ve even chosen a killer updo for your hair. Although it seems like you’ve planned everything down to the last details, one thing remains: your dessert. Choosing a dessert can be especially hard if sweets aren’t your thing (or even if they are your thing, because then you want all the desserts). Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up 14 gorgeous dessert options that will add a perfectly delectable end to your frosty winter nuptials.


1. Winter Wonderland Cake Display: The best part about this wedding dessert is that it’s show-stopping even before it’s been tasted. Winter vibes are flowing from every element of this dessert station — from the rustic wooden table to the pine tree garnish and, of course, the sled. Plus, naked cakes. Need we say more? (via Elizabeth Anne Designs)


2. Daintily DrapedCake Tower: This cake has us mesmerized. The elegant frosting surrounded by bunches of winter greenery brings rustic and classy together for a gorgeous collision of styles. (via Studio J / Reverie Gallery)


3. Cozy-Chic Hot Cocoa: The cute little cinnamon sticks and giant marshmallows poking out of these hot chocolate dream mugs are the perfect way to warm up your guests after chilly winter nuptials. Maybe hot cocoa isn’t your typical dessert, but it’s got chocolate and that’s enough for us. (via Gavin Farrington / Hey Wedding Lady)


4. Pie a la Mode: Is there a more classic winter dessert than a warm slice of pie with a big dollop of something creamy? Most people don’t come to weddings expecting Grandma’s pecan pie, but there’s no way they’ll be bummed about it. (via Q Weddings / Snippet & Ink)


5. Orange Spice Cream Cheese Pound Cake With Sugared Cranberries: Pound cake has all the dense richness that we love from cozy winter desserts. The cranberries and orange spice kick this classic up a notch to unique wedding dessert status. (via Baking a Moment)


6. Magical Winter Cookies: You can never go wrong with the chic whimsy of macarons. In snowfall white, these French cookies are totally bang on for your winter wonderland wedding. (via Wedding Chicks)


7. Caramel Apple Bar: A build-your-own-dessert bar is basically every wedding guest’s dream, and who doesn’t love a giant caramel apple? It’s perfect for a fun wedding atmosphere, especially one where lots of kiddos will be present. (via Dan Aguirre / Willowdale Estate)


8. Tiered Donut Cake: This is the ultimate in donut cakes because it includes some real cake for the couple to cut, but still has a mountain of fried doughy goodness for the guests. The baby’s breath, roses and small dots of frosting add a glamorous touch to this simple crowd-pleaser. (via Brittany Photographs / BRIDES)


9. Frosty Blue Winter Wedding: You knew you were going to run into some icy blue frosting at some point. It’s a classic winter wedding go-to that’s endlessly elegant. Also, we think variety is a good thing. So if you can’t make up your mind on cupcakes or cookies, just go for several desserts, tying them together with a common, blue-frosting thread. (via Anastasia Belik / Fab Mood)


10. Mini Chocolate Bundt Cakes With Peppermint Frosting: Mini treats are a super adorable way to serve dessert. In fact, the mini-er the better. Peppermint is a no-brainer for winter, and when chocolate is included, we always give two thumbs up. (via Rasa Malaysia)


11. Red Velvet Cake Squares: These little pieces of heaven, with adorbs tiny heart garnishes, are delicate and perfectly precious. If you’re looking for flirty and romantic, this is the way to go on your big day. (via Spencer’s Studio / Wedding Chicks)


12. Unique Winter Wedding Cake: This cake is everything gloriously rustic about winter — from the bare branch base to the pinecone topper and red berry accents, it has us drooling. It’s also a gorgeous symbol of our lifelong mantra: There can never be too much chocolate. (via Deer Peal Flowers)


13. Mini Pies: We’re back to pies again, but it’s a whole different ballgame of warmth and cuteness when it comes to these mini munchables. These are perfect for your friends and family to grab, chow down on and get back out on the dance floor. (via Set Free Photography / Southern Weddings)


14. Red Mini Cakes: If you haven’t figured it out yet, naked, mini and red velvet are three things we love to see in a dessert, so these insanely elegant cakes have totally stolen our hearts. Bonus: The dusting of powdered sugar looks like a fresh snowfall, making these beauties 100 percent winter wedding ready. (via Bitsy Bride)

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