A new bike has to be on every kid’s wish list at least once in their lifetime. Throughout your formative years, you have Big Wheels, training wheels and then the much-sought-after two-wheeler. Wishbone Design Studio merges all of those bikes into one design… and it’s made from recycled carpet.

We repeat: This sporty, adorable bike is made from 100% post-consumer recycled, residential, nylon carpet. Think about that the next time you’re vacuuming up those chip crumbs from your living room picnic. You could be making bikes out of that stuff. To make each bike, 7.5 pounds of carpet is shaved and shredded and then glass fiber is added to give the carpet shape and support.

The Wishbone Bike can easily transform from a tricycle to a low-riding two-wheeler and eventually to a big bike. So just one bike can last your kid through their entire transition from first-time rider to cycling pro.

If you want to make it more personal, Wishbone even offers stickers to customize the bikes to your kiddo’s liking. You can buy the bike now for $199 from Wishbone’s website.

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(h/t Design Milk)