Part lazy girl, part French girl-approved, lived-in hairstyles are bringing a much-needed dose of informality to spring hair. Look for unkempt lobs, simple styles, and understated accessories if you’re in the market for a perfectly imperfect look. But nothing captures this season’s commitment to laissez-faire quite like the wispy bang. We’ve spotted 12 hairstyles, from face-framing fringe to long layers, that prove devil-may-care-hair is all the rage.

1. Natural Curls: Let your natural curls fall freely, ladies. Wispy bangs are even cuter when they’re curly.

2. Micro: Shorter, micro bangs are a retro take on the feathery texture.

3. Straight: Wispy bangs aren’t just for loose waves. If you have stick-straight strands, opt for long, face-framing layers to get the same effect.

4. Short and Tousled: Bring back ’90s-era grunge with a shorter set of bangs that look best when teased.

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5. Messy Bun: Throw your locks up into a messy bun, and leave your fine fringe lose in the front. Add a bit of texture spray, and you’ve got the perfect daytime look.

6. Top Knot: The ideal hairstyle for third (okay, or fourth) day hair? The half-up, half-down top knot, of course. This hairstyle hides most of the problem areas when it’s almost time to wash, but also looks adorable with flyaway pieces hanging out in front.

7. Bun on Top: A different variation of the messy bun, a sky-high top-knot pairs best with lazy-day bangs.

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8. Curls All Over: A ponytail facing forward brings all those beautiful ringlets to the front to perfectly complement curly bangs.

9. Lots of Volume: We are so into the way that textured bangs pair with a good amount of volume. Feel free to grab your teasing comb and go crazy on your waves.

10. Long Waves: Long, romantic swirls of hair go so well with dainty bangs. To get these results, we recommend trying hot rollers — a modern twist on an old technique.

11. Side Part: Just a few wispy pieces along a slight side part are all you need to master this look.

12. Textured Bob: What better way to elevate your bob than with naturally curly strands?

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