What is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to motivating you to go out and exercise? A personal trainer? High school cross country couch? Channing Tattum? … How about the late ‘90s fad toy Tamagotchi?

If you were suffering from a Paula Cole blackout at the time, the Tamagotchi was a virtual pet on a keychain’d device that you had to digitally “feed” and “walk,” or else they digitally “died.” The toy basically combined all the tedium of a real pet without any of the actual companionship or love. Yes, they were incredibly frustrating and, no offense to 1998, pretty dumb. They were also strangely entertaining? The ’90s were a confusing time.

Wokamon, a new app from Noodum, mashes together the better parts of these virtual pets with a pedometer to create a Tamagotchi with a purpose.

The Wokamon is similar in spirit to devices like the Nike Fuel Band or FitBit (wearables the app can be synced with), but leans much further into gamification.

The app gives birth to an alien, and that alien’s survival depends on your fitness to survive. Every step goes toward your pet’s nutrition and happiness. More exercise doesn’t mean just a happier alien; you can eventually unlock new alien eggs to take care until every run you take feeds a digital zoo from outer space.

If you start to slack and miss your exercise targets, the aliens begin to sadden, wither and, bless their programmed souls, die.

This cuddly gamified approach to exercise is great because it takes the pressure off of working out. Wokamon captures the original motivation that moved us to run around outside when we were kids — for fun. And like most fun things in life, it’s free! Get it in the App Store.

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(h/t PSFK)