With Father’s Day just around the bend, our dear ol’ dads are top of mind this week. That’s why we laughed pretty darn hard when we came across this series created by photographer Dave Engledow. But we’ve got more than just eye candy for you today. This book is totes available on Amazon Prime and might make a picture-perfect last minute Father’s Day gift!

Dubbed Confessions of the World’s Best Father, this series started as an attempt to create an image that his new daughter, Alice Bee, would one day appreciate. The first image featured his eight-week-old daughter being cradled like a football, while he appears to be squirting breast milk into his-now-iconic World’s Best Father mug. Friends, family and the Internet immediately fell in love. What new parent doesn’t understand the sleep-deprived hilarity of being a first-time dad?

We love the Normal Rockwell aesthetic Engledow employs, combined with a hyper-realism that makes the whole series larger than life. From a dinner of Cheetos and orange soda to weightlifting, these hilarious (and sometimes gruesome) images will make you smile, appreciate your dad and stock up on World’s Best Fill-in-the-Blank mugs ;)

Follow the adventures of Engledow and his darling Alice Bee on Facebook, Tumblr and Flickr. And snag the book on Amazon for $12.

Do you have any hilarious photos of your pops as a young dad? Are you a first-time father? Talk to us in the comments below.