And just like that, it’s Easter season! If you know anything about us, you know we go ham with Easter decor (pun 100% intended) every year. We’ve dyed and decorated eggs every which way, DIY’d banners, centerpieces; we’ve even made a piñata! This year, to uplevel our Easter decor game, we used the same supplies from our brand new Weave a Wall Hanging Kit (available in nearly all Target stores, OMG!) to make a new kind of wall hanging that incorporates the super nostalgic Easter basket grass *and* gives a nod to the infamous bunny that hops around our hearts this time of year!

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In the Weave a Wall Hanging Kit, you’ll get all the supplies you need to make a three-color yarn weaving and learn the basics of that #wovenlife. But we’re big fans of going one step further and getting creative with our materials, so make sure to scroll down and see exactly how we tweaked this kit for our Easter decor!

Grab a kit for yourself at Target, then scroll on to see how we transformed some basic materials into this wall hanging.

Kit Materials:

  • weaving loom
  • shuttle
  • shed
  • wood dowel
  • bulky yarn
  • yarn needle
  • string

Additional Materials:

  • bulky yarn
  • easter grass
  • pom pom trim
  • craft felt
  • scissors

Pick out a few yarn colors to personalize your hanging, plus any color easter grass your heart desires. We found some minty green and iridescent grass that really took it to the next level!

Follow the directions that come in the kit to begin weaving as you normally would. When you reach a section where you want to add a little extra texture, weave in a section of easter grass just as you would with the yarn.

This will look messy at first, but once you’ve woven a few more rows of yarn above the easter grass section, you can fold the loose ends of the grass over the edge of the weaving and tuck them in on the back side.

To add one more Easter touch to this weaving, cut out a set of felt bunny ears connected by a thin strip of felt (about ¼-inch thick by ½-inch wide) so that you can tuck the ears into the weaving and behind the white string. Secure them into place by weaving yarn below and above them, as you normally would.

When you’re done weaving in all your elements, follow the directions in the kit once again to remove your weaving from the loom, attach it to the wood dowel, and hang it up! How cute is that?! We love how the weaving texture echoes traditional woven Easter baskets. And those 3D bunny ears are all kinds of adorable :) Hoppy Easter!

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Production + Styling: Lee Schellenberger

Photography: Brittany Griffin