Some might say that a party isn’t complete unless there’s a piñata, and I miiiiight just be one of them ;) So, to celebrate the upcoming holiday, we’ve whipped up the ultimate Easter piñata: a huge Peeps chick! We love anything and everything Peeps-related (check out our Peeps s’mores and our Peeps cacti — ahhmazing!), so it was a no-brainer for us to make a Peeps piñata.



— cardboard

— craft paper

— tissue paper

— pipe cleaners

— craft foam

peep printable


— scissors

— pencil

— hot glue gun



1. Trace and cut out two Peeps shapes from your cardboard.

2. Cut strips of craft paper that are five inches wide. Cut tabs that are about 1/2 inch on either side, then crease them. Glue the craft paper around the perimeter of the cardboard Peeps chick.

3. Attach the second layer of cardboard to the tabs using hot glue.

4. Cut strips of fringed tissue paper using scissors. Hot glue to the Peeps chick.

5. Using scissors, cut a hole in the craft paper and insert your favorite candy. Close it up with hot glue and tissue paper, and then cover with more fringed tissue.


Our Peeps chick measured about 21 inches wide, but feel free to download and print out the Peeps chick to any size that you desire.


Cut out two cardboard Peeps: one for the front and one for the back.


Cut out strips of craft paper that measure five inches wide. Cut 1/2-inch long tabs along both sides of the strips. Bend them inward and then glue along the perimeter of the Peeps chick.


Apply glue to the top of the tabs, and place the second cardboard Peeps chick on top. Pinch the cardboard to the craft paper to make sure the cardboard stays in place.


Let’s get some color onto this chick. Cut and fringe three-inch pieces of tissue paper. Glue them in rows onto the Peeps chick starting from the bottom and working your way up.


Cut a hole in the bottom of the Peeps chick, and stuff in as many chocolate candies as you can. Or Peeps, of course. Close up the hole with tissue paper, and then cover the edges with more fringed tissue. Trim the edges with scissors to reveal the Peeps chick shape.


Cut out a black eye from craft foam, and glue it onto the chick. Now he’s starting to come together.


Finish it off by gluing gold pipe cleaners along the edge of the Peeps chick.


Welcome to the Peeps show ;)


Power to the Peep-le! Okay, I’ll stop ;)


Don’t forget about the piñata stick or small basket for everyone to collect their goodies.


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DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden
Photography: Brittany Griffin