We’ve seen wearables that serve just about every purpose imaginable, from dispensing drinks to unlocking your front door, but the latest in wearables is taking health technology to a whole new level. Korean startup Ybrain has designed a headband with built-in sensors that work to counteract symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Ybrain, founded in 2013 by neuroscientist Kyongsik Yun, has recently raised $3.5 million dollars as a part of its Series A funding round led by Stonebridge Capital. The startup has raised $4.2 million dollars overall, and is now planning to put that money towards clinical trials and production of the wearables. The headband’s sensors will emit signals to stimulate brain activity to counteract Alzheimer’s symptoms. While these patients typically take oral medication to manage symptoms, Ybrain’s device has proven to be 20-30 percent more effective in trials. These numbers have the ability to drastically change the mental health world and the way Alzheimer’s hurts the brain.

Eventually, the wearables will be available for sale online and through hospitals, pending FDA and Korean Food & Drug Administration approval and proof that it works in more trials. Hats off to Ybrain for giving a whole new purpose to wearables!

Learn more by watching this short video:

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(h/t Tech Crunch)