Festival season means bohemian style is at the fashion front lines, and we’re totally down with a season dedicated to rocking out. Technically, this season extends all the way through October (Treasure Island, what what!) so we’re getting ahead of the game by offering up three ways to wear a quintessential piece of festival-wear: the hippie headband.

Though the typical hair parted down the middle and headband affair is a timeless one, we decided to get a little more creative on the headband styling scene. Whether you’re a neon-loving hipster, a die-hard Anthropologie addict or a full on love-to-crochet-your-own-poncho boho queen, we’ve got a look for you.

Neon Waterfall Boho Bands

This one is inspired by the ever-popular waterfall braid, but involves no braiding at all! We used this set of three headbands ($4!) from Forever 21.

1. Place one of the headbands in the front with the ends tucked into your hair,

2. Place another one in the back to create the illusion of having a full wraparound piece.

3. Grab a small section from one side of your head (around an inch thick) and wrap it around the headband one time.

4. Leave that piece of hair in place and skip over approximately one inch of hair and pick up another small section. Wrap it the same way around the headband.

5. Continue to do this around the perimeter of your head.

6. If the style isn’t quite secure, you can add extra strength with a bobby pin or two. Done!

Braided Feather Wrap

Love the idea of long locks but can’t grow ’em on your own? For a quick hack, you can take a headband that wraps and braid it right into your hair. We got this one at Forever 21 but it’s only available in stores. You could easily make your own similar headband with jersey knit fabric and colorful feathers.

1. Wrap a braided headband around your head and tie off to the desired side. I did mine to the left. My left :)

2. Pull hair to the side you tied off by twisting it under to make sure it stays in place.

3. Separate the hair into three strands in preparation for a traditional braid.

4. Add one section of headband strands to each section of hair and begin braiding.

5. If you have long hair continue braiding hair and material all the way down. For us shorter haired gals, just tie off the braid and let the remaining material hang for the fun illusion and feeling of longer locks.

Spring Floral Faux Bob

Lastly, we’re bringing the faux bob back! But this time, all you need is a turban-style knotted headband.

1. Place headband on your head with the knot portion lined up at your hairline.

2. Begin by taking a two-inch section of hair and wrapping it up into the headband.

3. Continue to do this until all or most of your hair is wrapped up.

4. Leave a few random pieces down for a softer, more playful look. So cute!

Even Porter wanted in on the action! ;)

Do you wear a headband on the reg? How do you style it up? Talk to us in the comments below.