Yogurt goes by many names: health food, ice cream substitute, breakfast, protein source and… cocktail ingredient?! Yep, this protein- and probiotic-rich dairy product is the newest frontier of flavor and texture for professional mixologists, and for good reason. Yogurt is sweet, creamy and tangy, making it an ideal source of dimension for cocktails and alcoholic smoothies. Try one of these seven yogurt cocktails for your next happy hour and you can guiltlessly say, “It’s good for me! It has probiotics!”


1. Cantaloupe Boozy Smoothie Shooters: These tiny shooters are perfect for serving at parties and gatherings. In addition to being super cute, they’re packed with the sweet flavors of cantaloupe, lime juice and Greek yogurt — and, of course, spiked with vodka. (via We Are Not Martha)


2. Mimosa Smoothie: Uh, seriously, why aren’t mimosa smoothies a bigger thing? There’s nothing not to like about this combo of TWO of our favorite drinks. Plus, you only need three ingredients: Champagne, vanilla yogurt and orange juice. (via Lemon Tree Dwelling)


3. Gin, Jam and Yogurt Cocktail: This creation uses gin, chili jam, Greek yogurt, lemon, simple syrup and mint to create a refined and refreshing cocktail for your sipping pleasure. Its balance of spicy (in the chili jam) and cool (in the mint) make it multi-dimensional and perfectly balanced. (via Honestly YUM)


4. Vanilla Yogurt Cocktail: This vanilla, apricot and cinnamon concoction isn’t actually boozy, but it sure *should* be! All you’d need to do is add a bit of vanilla liquor or rum. Based on a traditional Ukrainian recipe, this drink features the sweetness of vanilla and apricot with the coziness of cinnamon. (via Yummly)


5. Mint Lemonade Cocktail With Greek Yogurt Fizz: This cocktail plays up yogurt’s creaminess, using it alongside egg whites to create a frothy fizz that tops a concoction of honey syrup, lemon juice, vodka, orange juice and mint. (via The Greek Glutton)


6. Yogurt Berry Cocktail: This is another virgin drink we think could do *SO* well with a bit of booze. It features plenty of fresh fruit (pear, strawberries and blueberries, to be exact), alongside yogurt, mint and simple syrup. Just add a spritz of vodka to make it party material. (via Tefal)


7. Boozy Smoothie: Smoothies spiked with booze are a summer classic, but this one uses yogurt for additional oomph. It’s made with white wine too, making it the only wine-based cocktail on our list (bonus health points, amiright?) (via Lilies and Loafers)

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