If yogurt is your breakfast food of choice, there are a handful of different ways to consume the creamy probiotic treat. You can throw in some homemade granola, preserves or, hey, maybe even some assorted fresh fruit if you’re feeling extra fancy. But if you’re really ready to take your yogurt creations to the next level, we suggest you test out one of Fage’s new “Crossover Flavors.”

The new line of Greek yogurt features seven seriously unexpected flavor combos. You can expect to find: carrot ginger with pistachios, coconut curry with cashews, caramel with almonds, coconut with dark chocolate, maple syrup with granola, tomato basil with almonds and olive thyme with almonds.

Some of the sweet yogurts are definitely making their way onto our grocery lists, but it’s all the savory options that have us intrigued. While it might seem odd at first, Greek yogurt is actually quite bitter on its own. It’s often used as a replacement for sour cream and is even a secret ingredient in pizza dough. So maybe these new savory Fage flavors will be your new go-tos? Hey, we’ll try anything once, right?

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