Justin Trudeau is so sizzling right now — politically as well as (*blush*) physically — that folks not only swoon over his hottest pics (thank you, Twitter!), but they’ll even freak out over his Dutch lookalike. And if your Trudeau thirst is real, you may want to nab yourself this full-size Justin Trudeau cardboard cutout that just happens to be kicking up a little international controversy.

Justin Trudeau

Why, you might ask yourself, would a cardboard cutout cause controversy? Well, it turns out that the Canadian PM is so popular, people want to appear with him at events he’s not even able to attend. For instance, a full-sized likeness of Trudeau popped up at South by Southwest in Texas last week, as well as at a Canada Day event in Washington, DC. And apparently, these aren’t isolated occurrences.

Though US folks are certainly into it, Canadians aren’t so keen, with Global Affairs Canada officially asking that no more Trudeau cutouts be featured at events. “We are aware of instances where our missions in the United States had decided to purchase and use these cutouts,” said Michael O’Shaughnessy, Canada’s global affairs spokesman according to CBC. “The missions have been asked to no longer use these for their events.”

We can’t possibly imagine why…

Okay, we get it.

But don’t despair, Trudeau fans! For those who’ve decided that they need their very own (cardboard) Trudeau, you’ll be thrilled to find out that you can still nab a Justin Trudeau Cardboard Cutout or Wall Graphic right now for a mere $60 from HistoricalCutouts.com.

Justin Trudeau cut-out

You’re welcome!

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(h/t Mashable; photo via Chung Sung-Jun/Getty, HistoricalCutouts.com)