Amazon may be one of your fave places to seek a little online retail therapy, but the brand is always striving to modernize our shopping experience, which includes ways to pick up what we need offline as well as via the internet. Their IRL store without checkout lines and their handy-dandy food delivery service definitely piqued our interest, and now we’re sure plenty of folks will be psyched to find out that Amazon has just introduced a super easy way to pay for your online purchases with cash.

Amazon boxes

Acknowledging that not all folks have access to a credit card or bank account (or perhaps just prefer to pay with the money they already have in hand), Amazon Cash will allow consumers to add money to their existing Amazon account by visiting stores like CVS Pharmacy, Speedway, Sheetz, Kum & Go, and D&W Fresh Market.


All you need to do is visit Amazon Cash and choose to receive a barcode either through a text or printing at home. Take the barcode to one of the participating stores, hand over some cash, have the retail worker add the amount to your Amazon balance, and you’ll be all set to shop online.

Now the only question is, are you willing to buy your Girl Scout cookies from Amazon, or is it not worth the counterfeit-cookie potential?

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(h/t Mashable; photos via Justin Sullivan + Dan Kitwood/Getty)