It’s one of our fave seasons of the year, bringing us so much joy and pure happiness. No, we’re not talking about spring. We’re all about Girl Scout Cookie season! And now it turns out you can grab a box or 10 online via Amazon, but before you click on your order, here’s what you need to know.

Girl Scouts selling cookies

If you’re looking for your fill of Thin Mints, but can’t seem to find a Girl Scout in your neighborhood, you can always order them online through the org’s Digital Cookie platform, which allows participants to sell and track their sales via the internet (not only fundraising, but also teaching the young girls valuable techy skills).

However, if you’re looking for yet another option to snag your snacks, then, yes, it’s true — you can in fact buy Girl Scout Cookies on Amazon Prime. But this is definitely a case of “buyer beware.” That’s because your cookies won’t be coming directly from the organization itself, but instead, from one of Amazon’s independent sellers.

That’s why (just like with any Amazon Prime purchase) you’ll want to check out the seller first. Take a peek at the comments, and if you see anything that looks off (i.e. counterfeit cookies, damaged packaging, stale product, etc.), then it’s probably best not to give ‘em your biz.

Honestly, unless you’re in a super remote location where you can’t find any sellers and/or are really Amazon-savvy, then it’s probably best just to buy your boxes from a bona fide Girl Scout.

However you end up scoring your Samoas, we hope they fulfill your seasonal cookie cravings!

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(h/t Teen Vogue; photos via John Moore/Getty, Girl Scouts)