If your desk looks anything like ours (pens, markers and makeup essentials have taken over), it’s about time to stop stuffing everything in the drawer at the end of the day and start getting organized. Our love of laser-cut products, sleek design and a desperate need to tidy up brought our attention to Zagbox, an eco-friendly container to house desktop clutter and more. All Zagboxes feature geometric designs, “living hinges” for flexibility and dovetail edges so you can snap the pieces out and pop them together like a puzzle. Made of recycled eucalyptus wood and finished with a non-toxic shellac, these boxes are completely biodegradable and are shipped flat to reduce environmental impact of packaging and transport.

Designer Peter Lowe is running a Kickstarter to manufacture these sustainable, multipurpose containers, and with less than two weeks to go, he’s just surpassed his goal. The mechanical engineer created the first prototype while mentoring a high school robotics team in laser cutting and 3D design, and he continued to develop and refine the design of these eco-friendly boxes until he came up with three sizes — Lichen, Moss and Fern.

Pledge $19 and receive Lichen, the smallest of the set, which is perfect for sprucing up your desk, holding pens and pencils or loose change with its built-in coin slot. Add $10 and you can upgrade to Moss, the medium-sized version that can be used as a vase to hold your weekday blooms or a planter for your beloved succulent — or place a candle inside to let the geometric design glow. For $39, you can upgrade to Fern, the largest Zagbox, to hold kitchen utensils, remotes or larger flower arrangements. You can set the three sizes like Russian nesting dolls or disassemble them back to their puzzle pieces for easy transport.

How will you use your Zagbox? Tell us in the comments!