As the weather starts to hint at the warmer days ahead, we’ve got our sights set on a weekend trip… or ten. And as you’ll learn in our book, Homemakers, we are firm believers that you can pack for anywhere between two and 10 days in a carry on. You just need to know a few simple tricks.

1. Instead of folding your clothes, roll ’em up! This is a more efficient use of space and still keeps your clothes relatively wrinkle-free.

2. Use shower caps as shoe bags. You don’t want all the dirt on your shoes getting all over your clothes.

3. Pack belts and socks inside your shoes. This helps shoes keep their shape and means you can fit more stuff in that little suitcase.

4. If you’re traveling with a curling iron or flat iron, bring a tea towel or pot holder to wrap it up. That way you don’t have to wait for it to cool down to pack your suitcase.

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Itching for more info? Here’s what the book is about, straight from the back cover:

The rules of homemaking have radically changed. Today’s generation is digitally connected 24/7 and often more focused on climbing the career ladder at the office than the stepladder at home.

But the home “maker” evolution has just begun. Thanks to advances in technology, tomorrow’s men and women will find themselves using new gadgets and apps to cook, clean, decorate and even manufacture everything from decor to clothing, from right inside their homes.

In Homemakers, Brit Morin, founder of the wildly popular lifestyle brand, app, and website Brit + Co, reimagines homemaking for the twenty-first century, making it as simple as possible to go from amateur to pro with easy charts, tips, recipes, DIY projects and tech shortcuts. Simple, beautiful and stylish, it offers the digital generation a wealth of innovative ideas and how-tos for a more creative life.

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We can’t wait for you to see our book in person in just a few days — Homemakers hits shelves on March 3. Woot woot!