Oh, the hunt for the perfect laptop bag. You don't want something that actually looks like a laptop bag, but you do want something that is hearty enough to support your computer. And what about those nights that you've got a hot date or fancy event right after work? It's for those reasons and so many more that we, along with resident stylist Misty Spinney, decided to put together a collection of stylish purses that will actually fit your laptop, from 11 inch to 15 inch.

First, bags for 11-inch laptops.
 We used measurements for an 11-inch MacBook Air. Be sure to check the dimensions of your computer against the dimensions of each bag before purchasing.

1. Frye Brooke Envelope ($298): This slim number is a lovely light tone for spring with hand-hammered studs adding the right amount of edge. Throw in your laptop, your phone and lip gloss, and you're good to go.

2. BCBG Snake-Embossed Canvas Bag ($132): Like a little sassy to go with your classy? The brightly colored snake-style band across the middle gives a regular old canvas shoulder bag a good dose of spice.

3. Hobo Blaze ($161): Tote your laptop around with a more bohemian sensibility. This fringy number is made of soft suede leather with a hint of shimmer.

4. Tech on Your Trek Backpack ($50): Wear this as a shoulder bag, backpack, or handbag. We love the bright color!

Now, bags for 13-inch laptops.
 For this, we used measurements for an 13-inch MacBook Pro. Be sure to check the dimensions of your computer against the dimensions of each bag before purchasing.

5. Botkier Leela Tote ($230): We love this sizzling silver tote for occasions when you need to carry your laptop but still keep things fancy and festive.

6. Neon Orange Upwardly Mobile Satchel ($170): Designed by The Cambridge Satchel Company in the UK, this bag (and ones like it) have been spotted on fashionistas from New York to Tokyo.

7. Irving Place Nadine ($528): Oh Kate Spade, how we love how much you love color? This is definitely on the splurge side of things, but you probably wouldn't need another go-anywhere bag for quite a long time.

8. Macrame Fringe Hobo Sling ($211): Another bohemian number, this is an earthy way to keep your laptop and other work essentials safe.

And finally, for 15-inch laptops.
 As you probably guessed, we used measurements for an 15-inch MacBook Pro for this set of bags. Be sure to check the dimensions of your computer against the dimensions of each bag before purchasing.

9. Eucalyptus and Me Bag ($60): Bring this bag out for the big guns. Your powerful 15 inch laptop will fit happily in this bag, along with chargers, flip flops, and whatever else you might need for today's adventure.

10. Kitana Hobo ($398): Hayden-Harnett won us over with the Bespoke Scarf, but really sealed the deal by having a Laptop Friendly section of their website. This Kitana Hobo is just one of many stylish ways to carry your computer on-the-go.

11. Grand Street Gabriel ($478): Our second Spade splurge, this features two compartments so you can keep technology in one, and more fun things in the other. ;)

12. Milton Satchel ($798): Why not go out with a bang? Another one from Hayden-Harnett, this piece of mulberry beauty is both professional and funky all at the same time. The ultimate work and travel bag, you can choose from 9 bold hues. And it's got a padded laptop compartment. Swoon!

How do you tote around your tech essentials? Have one of these and love it? Leave us a note in the comments below, or send stylish laptop-carrying tips our way on Twitter.