If you’ve been feeling an extra buzz of creativity in the air and on your Insta feed, you have Elle Luna and The 100 Day Project to thank for it. The free art project challenges artists to share 100 works of art — in any medium — on Instagram, under the hashtag #the100dayproject. This year’s projects kicked off on April 4, and the creativity is just as spectacular as 2015’s colorful and creative projects. Scroll on to see a few of our favorites!

1. #100paperbreakfasts: Here’s a unique take on some of our favorite breakfasts — from Pop-Tarts to cinnamon raisin bread — served with a side of charming stories. We’ll take seconds, please!

2. #100daysoffriendship: Tiny, adorable animal BFFs frolic in this series of watercolor illustrations that will have you ooh’ing and ahh’ing.

3. #100daysofkawaiiness: This talented artist is DIYing a new stamp each day, and each print has an insanely cute Kawaii face. We bet you’ve never seen radishes as charming as these guys!

4. #100daysofdigital3x4: Not all art requires a brush or even a pen. Sneak a peek at the quirky and colorful digital cards behind this creative series.

5. #100daysofkookycharacters: A badger playing tennis? We’d definitely call that kooky. Check out the rest of his friends — like a dik-dik wearing a flower crown and an arctic fox wearing a scarf — for a good giggle.

6. #100daysofpapermatchboxes: We’re not sure where one finds the patience to make tiny scenes on paper matchboxes, but we’re glad someone is making it happen. We’d love to float on that little boat.

7. #100daysof3inchstitches: Cross-stitching takes on the space-time continuum with an adorable TARDIS. Scroll through this Insta account for even more swoon-worthy cross-stitch projects.

8. #100daysofgeos: Get a behind-the-scenes look at the design process with a series that takes you through every stage of creation. If you spot a design you love, you might be able to bring it home!

9. #100daysoftikitextiles: One scroll through this Insta account will have you ready to throw a tropical party, complete with hula skirts, coconuts, and tiny cocktail umbrellas.

10. #100daysofbookdrawings: This series is the perfect intersection of literary nerdiness and gorgeous design aesthetic. Whether the pics feature bookworms or scenes from your fave reads, they’re sure to make you smile.

11. #100daysofschoolpix: There are no words for the creativity it takes to put this collection together. Scroll through this Insta series and flashback to grade-school picture day. Who knew we’d bond with a shark over our braces-wearing history?

12. #100daysofnicoleytype: Get ready for cuteness overload with the silly and sweet illustrations of this collection. The positive sayings are sure to brighten up your day.

13. #100daysofcreativewomen_dotsofpaint: Get your daily dose of inspiration from the wise words of successful ladies kicking butt in every field. We’d love a postcard of each lady!

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(Featured photo via @parade.made)