Of course you like to make. But could you do it every day for 100 days? That’s the challenge presented by The Great Discontent magazine and painter/author Elle Luna. At the beginning of April, she launched #The100DayProject, bringing together thousands of creators across all disciplines. The hashtag on Instagram is practically overflowing with awesome art, design and crafts. There are a lot of great projects, but you especially don’t want to miss these 26 makers. Maybe you’ll find the inspiration to begin a 100-day project of your own — it’s never too late to start making!

1. @elleluna: Given that she kicked off this whole thing, it comes as no surprise that Elle Luna’s #100DaysofPaintingMyDreamsbyLuna is top-notch. Her writing describing the dreams is just as beautiful.

2. @sethnick: The curvy forms and lively colors of #100DaysofFormandColor look like creatures ready to animate.

3. @andilanuza: One sure way to make an outfit look even better is to illustrate it like #100DaysofOutfitSketches.

4. @heatherisch: Meet Peppah, @heatherisch’s dog and muse, who makes for a great model in #100DaysofPeppah. The border collie looks adorable doing everything from surfing to reading the newspaper in this yellow, illustrated world.

5. @fiakilbourn: Ladies, ladies, ladies: #100DaysofGreatWomen brings some of the best together in light and pretty watercolors.

6. @sakino_tomi: #100DaysofOneWordDiary plays around with a visual representation of one word per day and pretty much nails it every time.

7. @hollandloop: These playful and colorful paintings tagged #100DaysofAbstracts look sweet enough to eat.

8. @sadanimalfacts: The humor of combining cute animals and their “sad” lives in #100DaysofSadAnimalFacts is totally unexpected — and totally great!

9. @eliasneverlost: There’s no shortage of freshness in #100DaysOfPlantScribbles. The greens are so bright, and there’s such a great variety of plants, from succulents to cacti.

10. @auraandaura: Ever wondered how those gorgeous pressed flower phone cases are made? #100DaysofPressedFlowers shows you how!

11. @martina_hoffman: Morning coffee becomes even more irresistible with these #100DaysofCoffeeDiary drawings. Suddenly the daily grind doesn’t seem so bad.

12. @katrinamchugh: Imagine if all those song lyric doodles you made during science class somehow merged with your actual class notes, and you’ve got #100daysoflyricalnaturalsciences. We’re crossing our fingers that Katrina McHugh takes on Britney next.

13. @lauraleemayes: The patterns created in #100DaysofPatternPlay are light, bright and always beautiful. Can this be made into a wallpaper?

14.@nicemiceforyou: Wanderlust is sure to kick in when scrolling through these cityscapes. All the cities featured are in France so far, but be sure to follow along to see where these illustrations go next.

15. @heyykristen: You’ve got to get your daily fruits and veggies in somehow, and we think looking at #100DaysofFruitsandVeggies counts.

16. @empluscv: We can’t stand paying extra for avocado, but it’s too good to resist. @empluscv feels the same way with their list of #100ThingsThatShouldDie.

17. @mariahdemarco: The letterforms of #100DaysofFoodLettering delightfully combine food and lettering, which are a few of our favorite things. The “S” made of salt is amazing!

18. @eseyoung: The curvy limbs of these illustrated women are as unsettling as they are soothing, and we’re into it.

19. @melissamcf: The paper cut images of #100DaysofPaperCutz even make a tumbled ice cream cone look good.

20. @thejellyologist: We’ve never seen anything quite like #100DaysofJelly and yet we can’t look away. The perfectly posed jelly forms look like edible gemstones!

21. @hellopandreaa: Is this taco too cute to eat or just cute enough? It hangs out with pals like a hotdog, a drumstick and donuts in the #100DaysofThingsWithFaces feed.

22. @jaclynlenee: #100DaysofColor pairs lovely color schemes with photos of the real-life scenes that they’re pulled from. See how colors are combined in the world to repeat those same combos yourself.

23. @the_hungry_child: These illustrations seem to capture the flavor of the food too. Creamy avocado, anyone?

24. @bighaze: The daily temporary tattoos of #100DaysofPenonSkin creatively blend in with their surroundings. This arm flower is the prettiest of the bunch!

25. @vwendish: The illustrated women of #100DaysofWhatSheIsWearing rock the outfits of our dreams and look awesome while doing it.

26. @annetruppe: #100DaysofJapanese pairs a Japanese vocabulary word with a gorgeous image showing it in action, like this one, “Yoi ichinichi o,” which means “Have a nice day.”

What would you make for 100 days? Let us know in the comments!