If you find yourself scrolling through your Instagram feed for hours on end — and double-tapping “like” on every other photo — then you just may be #instaobsessed. Don’t fret, it happens to the best of us. Besides admiring the latest and greatest users on Insta, we’ve decided that it’s about time we hone in on our iPhoneography skills. With a little editing and creativity, you’ll have a standout Instagram profile in no time. Here are 15 game-changing ways guaranteed to take your Instagram to the next level.


1. Change up the Backdrop: Yup, sometimes it’s as easy as switching out a snoozeworthy backdrop for one with a bit more pizazz. Spot a colorful street mural or a pretty coffee table book? You know what to do. (via A Beautiful Mess)


2. Add More Color: We spotlighted blogger Will Taylor’s c-o-l-o-r-f-u-l Instagram feed once and here we are doing it again. Start embracing color in your photos and the result is sure to be nothing short of bright and fabulous. (via @brightbazaar)


3. It’s All About Perspective: Whether you live in a city of skyscrapers or are partial to only seeing what’s at eye level, trust us when we say that it pays to look up. Dynamic architectural angles are just waiting to be found and will enhance your Instagram profile times a million. (via @dchaussee)


4. Use Your iPhone Camera: Getting that perfect Insta-worthy shot is so much easier when you have a whole camera roll of options to choose from. Always opt for your iPhone camera over the camera in Instagram, so that you can snap multiple shots, as opposed to just one. (via That’s Just Fabulous)


5. Create a Theme: Nothing says creating a curated Instagram feed like selecting a theme and sticking with it. Kate Brien, a stylist and the mastermind behind View From the Topp, solely shares photos of her #ootd from the top down. (via @viewfromthetopp)

6. Instagram Video: While it’s easy to get caught up in solely taking photos for your Instagram, the ability to share instant videos (and Hyperlapse creations) is almost too good to be true. Follow in the always witty Kate Spade’s direction and get creative with what you post. (via @katespadeny)


7. Crop That Photo: Just because each Instagram photo is a square doesn’t mean that you can’t step outside the box… quite literally, actually. Case in point: Landscape photos deserve to be cropped to ensure that you’re getting the entire view, not just a snippet. (via @urbanoutfitters)


8. Create a Harmonious Insta Feed: Be mindful of how each photo relates to the whole and vary what you post. Why, you ask? Take one look at Amy Stone’s flawless portfolio of photos and you’ll appreciate not only her artsy aesthetic and gravitation toward cool blue hues, but also her ability to communicate a visual story. (via Rue Magazine)


9. Natural Lighting: Natural lighting is everything. We can’t stress it enough! Ask any Instagram pro, and they’ll tell you to ditch the artificial lighting via lamps and light fixtures for the natural light streaming through your spacious living room windows. (via Southern Curls & Pearls)


10. Utilize Filters: Rely on a set of tried-and-true filters to enhance, not transform your photos. We swear by VSCO Cam, and Instagram’s latest rollout of five new filters aren’t too shabby either. (via Brit + Co)


11. Composition Matters: There’s no shame in staging, carefully arranging or planning out the composition of your photos ahead of time. So what if it takes you five minutes to achieve the perfect shot? Here at Brit + Co, we always #doitforthegram. (via Stripes & Peonies)


12. Rule of Thirds: While there’s nothing wrong with a perfectly centered photo, practicing the “rule of thirds” will add more energy and visual interest to your snapshots. (via Lauren Conrad)


13. Quality Over Quantity: We know that it’s hard to resist the urge of posting what you had for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but no one needs nor wants to see every aspect of your life popping up into their feed. Instead, prioritize what you want to post and save the very best for your Insta… aka celebratory shots like this one. (via @pmaristch)


14. B&W Photography: There are few effects more striking than black and white photography. Whether a photo just isn’t measuring up in color or you’re looking to achieve a more minimalist aesthetic, black and white photos should not be underestimated. (via @iamgalla)


15. Negative Space: You know what they say, negative space is good space. The next time that your Instagram feed is feeling cluttered, don’t hesitate to take a “less is more” approach. (via @anyeske)

Which tips and tricks will you be putting to use as you create a more curated Instagram feed? Tell us in the comments below!