A lot of good has come from Pokemon Go since it took over the world a couple of weeks ago: it’s had surprising positive effects on users’ mental and physical health, it’s bringing lovebirds together and is spawning more IRL fun in the form of delicious drinking games. (Of course there were also the initial security flaws and people finding dead bodies and walking off of cliffs while hunting Pokemon and whatnot BUT we’re not talking about those today, so, moving on!) But perhaps the greatest part of Pokemon Go is that is has become a great equalizer — that’s right, even Hollywood’s elite can’t help but scan the streets for Pidgies and Krabbies. Check out some of the stars who share your obsession.

1. Justin Bieber: The Biebs was able to remain anonymous for once in his young life when he got swept up in a crowd of Pokemon players in NYC. “This is amazing,” Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun wrote. “[Justin] in NYC looking for Pokemon and no one looks at who is next to them,” complete with a string of cry-laugh emojis. Bieber’s security likely never had it so easy.

2. Tyga:
 Kylie: *Checks in on kabillion dollar empire*

Tyga: “GOT ‘EM.”

Kylie: *that stare*

3. Chrissy Teigen: Chrissy’s foray into Pokemon Go was fast and furious, and by the end, she was ready to erase all evidence of her viral tourism.

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Had to look for a long time for this one.

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4-5. Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi: Couples who Pokemon Go together, stay together. Bonus PokePoints (that’s a thing, right?!) for cuteness!

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6. John Mayer: John not only plays the game, but is next-level obsessed, almost dropping a HUNDRED BONES on PokeCoins! Hands up if you’ve done the same. Don’t lie!

7. Stephen Colbert: Pokemon Go was apparently installed more times in one week than Tinder was in five years so maybe cut them a little slack, hey Stephen?!

8. Trevor Noah: Eep! The Daily Show host points out a potential confusion causing aspect to the game, something that comedian Chris Hardwick has also faced.

9. Chris Hardwick: Um, and speaking of Chris Hardwick, could someone check on him pls? Thx.

10. Jimmy Fallon: OMG, way to brag, Jimmy! The Zubat is thought to be one of the hardest to catch, because of its fidgety bat-like nature. No doubt the internet had a field day with this troll job!

11. Demi Lovato: Nick TOTALLY called out Demi with this one. It’s only a matter of time before he joins her to pass the time on their tour together…


13. Kevin Jonas: …AND KEVIN? These Jonas brothers have got a serious family problem!

14. Kendra Wilkinson: Honestly, same.

15. Wiz Khalifa: With this one tweet, rapper Wiz cemented himself as the preeminent Pokemon philosopher of our time.

16. Mark Hoppus: 44-year-old Mark has stayed eternally young thanks to his pop-punk band Blink-182, and now, another ingredient to add to his fountain of youth: A healthy Pokemon Go obsession.

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