There is no stopping Pokémon Go, especially now that T-Mobile customers can play the game to their heart’s content without having to worry about completely destroying their data plans. It’s proven impossible to stay immune from this insane trend sweeping the nation and we, for one, are totally embracing it. From Pokémon snacks to DIY Pikachu backpacks, we’re all about that Poké Life.


And it’s about to get even more intense: Elite Daily‘s Alec MacDonald has (somewhat) proudly “used the 20 or so years of expensive education my parents paid for” to come up with the ultimate drinking game to accompany all of your future quests to catch ’em all. (Unless, you know, you’re heading out at 8am, in which case you migggghhhttt want to pull the breaks on the idea until at least lunchtime. But hey, no judgement!)

Like any good drinking game, the premise of Alec’s gift to our Pikachu-obsessed society is simple: You take a shot (presumably from your custom engraved Meowth flask) any time one of 21 very specific, but extremely common, things happens. So if, say, your boss catches you playing (guilty) or you feel “furiously, heartbreakingly jealous” over someone else’s successful Pokémon mission (seriously, will we never catch Eevee?!), you better get ready to drink.

pokemon go

Alec also made sure to include additional consequences to some of the broken “rules:” Say one of your captured li’l fellas evolves and you’re disappointed by its drastic loss of cuteness — hey, it happens to the best of us! Well, you’ll have to take a shot, but not before coming to terms with “the inevitable unaesthetic decay of our temporary bodies.”

Eek, that got dark rather quickly! Good thing you’ll be way too focused on finding the nearest lure to dwell on it too long (incidentally, you have to take a shot every time you drop a lure. Alec really thought of everything)!

Study up on the full list of rules here.

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(h/t Elite Daily, photo via Nintendo)