Although Pokemon Go has been out for less than a week, the mega-app has already seen its share of controversies, from late-night PokeStop hunts to relationship woes. But perhaps most worrying is its security issue. About 24 hours after it first came out that the app and its parent company, Niantic, could access iOS users’ Google accounts, those responsible just released an update meant to reassure all Pokemon Trainers out there.


Already available on the App Store, version 1.0.1 of Pokemon Go expressly addresses the Google problem, or as Niantic worded it in the update, “Google account scope.” Now, according to the company, the app will only access users’ Google IDs and email addresses. The update is also meant to solve crash and log-in issues.

The update is not yet available for Android — probably because it was only iOS users who were experiencing the full security issue. So Android users can keep on playing as usual. But, if you’re one of the iOS users just getting back out there: Please let us know if you find any good PokeStops. We’ve had enough Pidgeys.

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(h/t Mashable; photo via Niantic)