With the Rio Olympics just getting underway, we鈥檝e been thinking a lot about some of our favorite Team USA Olympic moments from years gone by. One of our earliest Olympic memories came from the 1996 Games, and the incredible gymnasts the press dubbed 鈥淭he Magnificent Seven.鈥 The team won loads of medals and became celebrities in their own right. This year鈥檚 team looks to be just as exciting, and we wanna talk about the new team members as well as their 1996 counterparts.

Shannon Miller

Then: Shannon Miller

Miller was the unofficial captain of Team USA, and is still the most decorated gymnast in US history. She helped lead the team to their wins and was the girl-next-door poster girl.

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Now: Simone Biles

Biles has been called 鈥淭he Best Gymnast in History鈥 by former Olympian Mary Lou Retton. She鈥檚 strong, graceful and really, really great at her job. She鈥檚 def the celebrity of the bunch, and the most well-known. People are predicting that she鈥檒l win five individual medals at these games, given the records she鈥檚 already broken and the titles she already holds.

Dominique Dawes

Then: Dominique Dawes

Dawes was a star teammate, winning one medal (Bronze) for her stellar floor routine. She was one of the breakout stars of the Seven and was well-loved by the press at the time.

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Now: Gabby Douglas

This isn鈥檛 Gabby鈥檚 first Olympiad: In 2012, she became the first African American woman to win the all-around competition. Her poise and style will do well for her this games, and we think she鈥檒l bring home a few more medals.

Olympic Gymnastics

Then: Kerri Strug

Who could forget Kerri Strug? After hyper-rotating her ankle, she went for a second vault, hoping to get a high enough score to beat her competition. She did, but badly injured herself 鈥 and the 1996 coach, Bella Karolyi, triumphantly carried her to the podium to accept her medal.

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Now: Madison Kocian

Madison is the current world champion on the uneven bars, but earlier this year suffered an ankle injury that could crop back up during the games. We鈥檙e crossing our fingers that she doesn鈥檛 get injured like Kerri Strug did, but if something does happen, we鈥檙e sure she鈥檒l be just as brave.

Oly Gym Moceanu

Then: Dominique Moceanu

Dominique was, in 1996, not only the youngest member of the team (she was 14!), but she was also the last person under age 16 legally allowed to compete on Team USA. She filled in for Kerri Strug after her injury, and while she didn鈥檛 get an individual medal, the pint-sized team member did win the team gold medal along with the rest of the Magnificent Seven.

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Now: Laurie Hernandez

Laurie is new to the Olympics and the 2016 team鈥檚 youngest member. She hasn鈥檛 been in competition for very long, but she鈥檒l definitely be one to watch on this year鈥檚 team.

US Gym Trials Phelps

Then: Jaycie Phelps

Jaycie was known for her perfect lines and attention to detail during the 1996 games. She鈥檚 gone on to become a gymnastics trainer in her own right.

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Now: Aly Raisman

This will also be Aly鈥檚 second Olympiad (2 Gold and 1 Bronze in London), and she credits her mom鈥檚 VHS recording of the 1996 team as her biggest inspiration to compete. She was the fourth runner up with professional partner Marc Ballas on Dancing With the Stars a few years ago, so she鈥檚 def multi-talented!

US Gym Borden

Then: Amanda Borden

Even though Amanda was the *official* team captain of the Magnificent Seven, she didn鈥檛 get to win an individual medal at the 1996 Olympics. She was chosen as captain because of her determined and kind personality.

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Now: Mykayla Skinner

One of the alternates for this year鈥檚 team, Mykayla is a powerhouse who鈥檚 four PanAm Games Gold medals make her one to watch during Rio.

US Gym Chow

Then: Amy Chow

One of the lesser known alternates during the 1996 games, Chow took home an individual medal (Silver) in the uneven bars. She went on to win one more medal during the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

2016 Pacific Rim Gymnastics Championships - Day 3
2016 U.S. Olympic Trials - Women's Gymnastics - Day 1

Now: Ragan Smith and Ashton Locklear

These two alternates could sweep in and save the day if any of the major players falter. Like Chow, they have less pressure than the main team and can focus on their individual skills.

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