Celebrities, babies and baby names. These are a few of our favorite things. We love to scroll through a good list of baby names, but the names celebs come up with for their little ones are always way more interesting (and out there) than your average newborn. Hey little Hayden Panettiere, Kaya Evdokia. It鈥檚 always great to get baby-naming inspiration wherever you can. Below is a list of our favorite creative and clever names the famous folks of the world named their bundles of joy in 2014.


1. River Rose: Miss Independent, Kelly Clarkson, really went for a nature theme with her daughter鈥檚 name, and we are running with it. (Photo via @kellyclarkson)

2. Briar Rose: Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen literally gave birth to Princess Aurora. Yes, Sleeping Beauty is real.

3. Avri Roel: Robert Downey, Jr and his wife Susan announced the birth of their daughter on Facebook. The little girl鈥檚 middle name is a combo of family member鈥檚 names. Keeping it all in the family; we like it. Plus this is a great idea when you鈥檙e trying to compromise.


4. Charlotte Clinton: Charlotte is a popular name for little ladies these days (we like to think it鈥檚 because of Sex and the City). The newest Clinton is bound for greatness. (Photo via @chelseaclinton)

5. Esmeralda Amada: We鈥檙e hoping Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling鈥檚 little emerald eventually stars in a remake of The Hunchback of Notre Dame as the gorgeous Gypsy.

6. Rose Dorothy: Pretty confident Scarlett Johansson鈥檚 daughter got her name because that鈥檚 her mom鈥檚 favorite shade of color-popping lipstick.


7. Frances Cole: The daughter of Jimmy Fallon and wife, Nancy, is also the abandoned first name of Judy Garland. Let鈥檚 hope this gal keeps it, because we think it is precious. (Photo via @fallontonight)

8. Wyatt Isabelle: The daughter of Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher was given a typically masculine name, but we think if anyone can make the name a trend for the ladies it鈥檚 the guy who made trucker hats fashionable for a hot minute (seriously, what were we thinking?).

9. Summer Rain: Christina Aguilera gave her daughter a seasonal name; we鈥檙e gonna guess the hottest season of the year is her fave.


10. Jaxon Wyatt: The name of Kristin Cavallari鈥檚 son means 鈥渟on of Jack,鈥 but her husband鈥檚 name is Jay Cutler. We鈥檙e confused too. (Photo via @kristincavallari)

11. Konrad: Scott Foley plays a brave man on Scandal, so it only make sense he would give his son a name that fits that description.

12. Isabelle Amarachi: The fixer, Kerry Washington, named her daughter the French variation of Isabel. Pour us a large glass of Bordeaux wine so we can cheers to her.


13. Frankie: We aren鈥檛 surprised at all that Drew Barrymore gave her second daughter a retro, unisex name, and we wouldn鈥檛 have it any other way. (Photo via @drewbarrymore)

14. Ford Miller: The creator of Glee, Ryan Murphy, named his son after one of America鈥檚 biggest car companies. Even if that part wasn鈥檛 intentional, we鈥檙e sure this Ford is also built tough.

15. Gabriella and Jacques: The newest royalty, Prince Albert II of Monaco鈥檚 twins, sock a pretty regal one-two punch when it comes to the name game.


16. Otis Alexander: Not only did Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis give their son this name, but so did Spiderman himself, Tobey Maguire. This name is screaming to be the lead of a summer blockbuster. (Photo via @oliviawilde)

17. Zhuri Nova: LeBron James gave his daughter this Swahili name meaning 鈥渂eautiful.鈥 How much should we bet that in addition to her looks, she鈥檒l also be a killer basketball player?

18. London Rose: A geographic name was Carson Daly鈥檚 total request for his daughter.


19. Apollo Bowie Flynn: Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale鈥檚 newest son definitely doesn鈥檛 have a problem (unless he runs into some hollaback girls). (Photo via @gwenstefani)

20. Viola Philomena: Here鈥檚 hoping Megan Hilty鈥檚 daughter gets some tips on How to Get Away With Murder while belting some show tunes (figuratively, of course).

21. Bodhi Ransom: The son of Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green (hey, David Silver) must have been an awakening for the couple because that鈥檚 just what his names means.


22. Hazel: We鈥檙e hoping the daughter of Emily Blunt and John Krasinski will be just as nutty (in an adorable way) as the couple is. (Photo via @johnkrasinski)

23. Harper Marie: Fingers crossed Jenna Fischer鈥檚 daughter becomes best friends with someone named Atticus.

24. Asa Charlotte: Justin Bartha鈥檚 daughter better be preparing to get her Ph.D. if she wants to live up to the meaning of her name.


25. Titan Jewell: Kelly Rowland named her son this because she wanted a soldier, right? ;) (Photo via @kellyrowland)

26. Aman Tyler: Tyler Perry鈥檚 son will literally be a man one day. Good choice, Madea.

27. Lazer Lee Louis: Diplo must have been influenced by his electronic music project, Major Lazer, when naming his son.


28. Giovanna Marie: The pint-size Jersey Shore star, Nicole 鈥淪nooki鈥 Polizzi, kept the Italian name strong with her newest addition. Fist bump! (Photo via @snookinic)

29. Meilani Alexandra: Snooki鈥檚 bestie, Jennifer 鈥淛Woww鈥 Farley, also had a baby this year and also gave her a unique name. Double fist bump!

30. Alijah Mary: Clearly wanting to break from the normal spelling of Elijah, Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett decided to switch it up when it came to naming their daughter.


31. Elizabella Dylan: Mixing Elizabeth and Isabella is quite charming, Alyssa Milano ;) (Photo via @milano_alyssa)

32. Stefan: Tennis player Novak Djorovic gave his son THE HOTTEST NAME IN NEW YORK (sorry, we had to).

33. Ava Grace: Stacy Keibler gave her daughter one of the most popular names for a baby, and we can鈥檛 blame her 鈥 it鈥檚 beautiful.


34. Bowie Lou: We hope the daughter of Rebecca Minkoff finds herself in a labyrinth of handbags. (Photo via @rebeccaminkoff)

35. Simcha Simi: The name given to Randi Zuckerberg鈥檚 son is quite a celebratory choice. Seriously.

36. Royal Reign: All hail the future queen of rap. At least that鈥檚 gotta be the reasoning behind the name of Lil Kim鈥檚 daughter.


37. Vale Guthrie: Savannah Guthrie must really love heading to the mountains when she isn鈥檛 on TODAY. Or she鈥檚 just a huge Colorado fan. (Photo via @savannahguthrie)

38. Finn: Keep your eyes out in about 20 years, because Owen Wilson鈥檚 son is bound to be crashing weddings.

39. Shepherd: With a name like that, Jared Padalecki is guaranteeing his son will be leading any pack he joins.


40. Future Zahir: We can see the future for Ciara and Future鈥檚 son; he鈥檒l be topping the music charts. (Photo via @ciara)

41. Booker Jombe: This little guy, son of Thandie Newton, has got to be a natural bookworm, right?

42. Sid: We like it 鈥 a nickname as your son鈥檚 name. Here鈥檚 a pie for you Jason Biggs ;)


43. Tristan and Sasha: Here鈥檚 to hoping the new twins of Chris Hemsworth make a cameo in the next Thor or The Avengers. (Photo via @elsapatakyconfidential)

44. Sunday Molly: Now Mike Myers can spend a lazy Sunday with his daughter, Sunday.

45. Winston: Idris Elba鈥檚 son may have a future in politics if he鈥檚 anything like the UK Prime Minster with the same name.


46. Alena Rose: Kevin and Danielle Jonas gave their daughter a bright and shining name. We鈥檙e even more jealous we don鈥檛 have uncles like Nick and Joe, though. (Photo via @kevinjonas)

47. Fianna Francis: The daughter of Danny Masterson and Bijou Phillips mixed Brianna and Fiona and came up with a fairly beautiful name.

48. Lyric Sonny Roads: Soleil Moon Frye鈥檚 son is headed straight to songwriting stardom with a name like that.


49. Sienna May Ivery: Love Italy? Especially the Tuscan city? Apparently so does Ellen Pompeo, as she named her daughter after the famous city. (Photo via @ellenpompeo)

50. Amoura Luna: The elegantly romantic name of Eric Benet鈥檚 daughter makes perfect sense for the R&B singer.

51. Georgia Marie: Kenan Thompson will always have his daughter on his mind with this name.


52. Declan: This little Fall Out Boy, the son of Patrick Stump, hopefully won鈥檛 be looking to take Revenge on his dad any time soon. (Photo via @falloutboy)

53. Saint Lazslo: Another Fall Out Boy, Pete Wentz, had a son this year too. His name is pretty legendary.


54. Megaa Omari Grandberry: Omarion鈥檚 son鈥檚 name is MAJOR. Enough said. (Photo via @1omarion)

55. Charlton Valentine: Robbie Williams, the British singer, gave his son a romantic English name.

56. Ophelia: This little lady is going to be a lot of help for Dave Grohl (who knows, maybe she鈥檒l be the new drummer).

We can鈥檛 wait to see what Blake Lively (and Ryan Reynolds), Carrie Underwood, Zo毛 Saldana, Nate Berkus, Shakira, Alicia Keys and other expectant celebs name their babies in 2015.

Which celebrity baby names were your favorites this year? Let us know in the comments.