If you’re expecting and you want a totally unique name, we think you may want to take a look at the endangered species of baby names. Nameberry pulled together 15 once-popular names that were only given to five babies in the last couple years. Hey, you never know what you’ll be inspired by! We can understand if some of these names might not be your taste, but they definitely give you a super old-fashioned launching point to start thinking about throwback baby names that are completely underused. We love vintage finds and these 15 monikers are about as rare and vintage as baby names get.

Endangered Girl Baby Names










A few of our favorites from the list for girls are Claudine, Nanette and Zelma. Claudine is actually one of the names of the fairies on True Blood. Claudine was popularized briefly in the ’70s by singer Claudine Longet, but then fell by the wayside around 1975. We think you could bring it back. Nanette, reached popularity in 1956, but it faces some stiff competition when next to the more popular Annette. Zelma is an old German name, which was most popular in 1902, but pretty much extinct by the mid-’50s. It likely got edged out by names like Selma and Thelma. Oh, we do love Thelma and Louise

Endangered Boy Baby Names









For boys some of the rarest finds are Sherwood, Icarus and Llewellyn. Sherwood is pretty amazing, and you’ll definitely have a unique name in this one because only five boys last year share this name — five of them. Sherwood will grow up to have an epic beard and live in the forest. We could get into that. Llewellyn, pronounced loo-ELL-en, fell off the map in the ’40s. According to Think Baby Names the name actually means “like a lion.” We can work with that. Icarus, Icarus, Icarus, a character from Greek mythology who melted his own wings by flying too close to the sun. Icarus, we’re trying to work with you here, but you gotta meet us half way. Better stay away from this rebellious baby name, unless you’re very brave.

Go check out the full list of meanings over at Nameberry and make sure to report back and let us know what you think deserves to go and what you think could get a second lease on life.

What do you think about these endangered baby names? Which one should we bring back?