You’ve announced the good news, picked up a maternity style tip or two and DIYed the heck out of the nursery. And once you’ve registered for that baby shower, there’s really only one major detail left to pin down. A name. The number of potential names for your little one can seem overwhelming (especially when we start to think about the fact that this child will live with it forever, no pressure), but we think we’ve discovered the best way to pin down the perfect choice without Googling for hours. Or borrowing from a fave celeb. Baby name apps to the rescue.

1. Baby Names: Currently the number one baby naming app, Baby Names features an easy to use interface and covers all the basics, including origin, meaning and popularity (as well as all-important pronunciation) for thousands of names. Once you’ve found a name you like, save it to your favorites list and play matchmaker with middle names, too. (Free on iOS)

2. Baby Names!!: We can’t claim that those exclamation marks were our idea, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t excited about this fun baby naming app and its aesthetically pleasing color-coded boys, girls and unisex names… although all that pink and blue does go against the cute gender neutral items in the registry you put together… (Free on Android and iOS)

3. Baby Names by Nametrix: When each name comes with a complete profile of popularity, origin, locations and fun facts like associated political leanings and careers, we’re pretty sure you’ll want to spend quality time studying your own name, too. ($1.99 on iOS)

4. Baby Names by Winkpass: The special features on this app are certainly not for the faint of heart. Once you’ve found a name you adore, you can share it on Facebook and Twitter or send it out via email and text. It’s perfect for insight into public (or family) opinions… but also a great way to be reminded that every name ever has already been taken by someone your second cousin twice removed knows. (Free for iOS)

5. Baby Names Mania: We love that this app can be used to find and save names in a super visual manner — and that you can narrow down your choices based on quirky options like name beginnings, endings and number of vowels. (Free for iOS)

6. Baby Namer: Scroll through pre-existing lists of names, search for names you like or simply give your phone a shake and see what this colorful app comes up with. Don’t forget to give the app details like gender or the first initial you’re looking for if you want to find something a little more specific. ($.99 on iOS)

7. Shake Baby Names: Have no idea what to name your little one? Shake this app and a new name will pop up to give you inspiration. (Free on Android)

Do you have a baby naming app helping you make the call? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!