As much as you like to think you have control over your own destiny, your zodiac sign can help reveal your specific wants and needs for those exceptionally difficult decisions — like when you’re deciding between engagement rings, trying to select your new signature perfume or figuring out your next DIY project. For creatives who love a good horoscope, this week’s roundup of zodiac-inspired DIYs was made just for you. Whether you value aesthetics over function or a modern approach over a rustic style, you’re sure to find a DIY that suits your sign. Scroll on and take a look at all 24 DIY projects inspired by your astrological sign.



1. DIY Felt Message Board: For Aries who appreciate clean lines, this simple felt message board is a decor must. Throw in a fitting inspirational quote from your favorite girlboss and you’re all set. (via Francois et Moi)


2. DIY 2016 Planner: Organization is key for Aries who stay true to their zodiac’s active and fast-paced lifestyle. Make sure you stay on top of your game with this chic black and white DIY planner. (via Almost Makes Perfect)



3. DIY Cork Board Wall Art: Like their warm-hearted demeanor, Taureans are attracted to a similarly warm color palette. Channel your affinity for earthy tones and rustic chic elements with this Southwestern-themed wall art made of IKEA cork boards. (via Sweet Peas and Saffron)

concrete vessel diy

4. DIY Concrete Bud Vases: As an earth sign, it’s no surprise that Taurus signs are drawn to all things plant-related. Embrace your grounded bull spirit and appreciation for greenery with these sturdy concrete bud vases. (via Burkatron)



5. DIY Glittery Graphic Pencil Cases: Not one to shy from color, Gemini signs love to experiment with bright hues and fun details. With tons of glitter, fringe accents and bold shades, this DIY project seems like it was *made* for the most fun-loving zodiac. (via Studio DIY)


6. DIY Flair Chair: Sociable and charming, Gemini are well-versed when it comes to engaging in emoji-speak. Give your office chair, armchair or pouf a modern eclectic Gemini flair by decking it out with your favorite emoji. (via Studio DIY)



7. DIY Baking Jars: Whether you’re cooking or baking, these handy jars make refined and practical kitchen essentials. If you’re as fond of the kitchen as your zodiac suggests, this set of baking jars is a definite yes. (via Tell Love and Party)


8. DIY Geometric Tasseled Pillows: Give yourself the ultimate gift of comfort, which is one of your Cancer sign’s biggest values. It doesn’t hurt that these cozy geometric tasseled pillows are undeniably stylish. (via Brit + Co)


lips shoes

9. DIY Red Lips Flats: Leos are recognized for their distinctly bold and daring personality, which, unsurprisingly, doesn’t stop short of their style. Spice up any ordinary pair of shoes with flaming red lips to give it that Leo-inspired It-factor. (via Damask Love)

10. DIY Kate Spade Inspired Heart Tote: You’re no stranger to vibrant accessories, so this DIY Kate Spade-inspired heart tote is the one for you. Its striking red color is sure to win a plus in your book. (via Riva La Diva)


diy planner

11. DIY Notebooks: For the meticulous and organized Virgo, these DIY notebooks are a must-have. They’re super simple to make: Just cover plain notebooks with wrapping paper and self-adhesive letters. (via Burkatron)


12. DIY Cat Sleeping Mask: Virgos who find themselves caught up in their zodiac’s perfectionist tendencies should remember to stop, step back and relax. This adorable cat-inspired sleeping mask will surely help you do just that. (via Alma Camponesa)



13. “Have Courage, My Love” Printable: For Libra-born makers, maintaining peace and harmony is a priority in their lives. Encourage yourself to continuously rise above conflict and chaos with this positive and uplifting message. (via Gold Standard Workshop)

gold lion piggy bank

14. DIY Lion Piggy Bank: When it comes to budgeting, Libras know exactly where their money is. Excellent though they may already be with handling money, this elegant lion bank surely won’t hurt. (via The Things She Makes)


lets go totes

15. DIY Totes: Scorpios that are always out and about will love this modern everyday tote. Simply iron the free silhouette onto a plain tote bag and add any embellishments for extra flair — think: pom pom trim, tassel keychain, etc. (via The Pretty Life Girls)


16. DIY Gold Foil Notebooks: For the ever-inquisitive Scorpio, a notebook or two where they can jot down their notes will always come in handy. The cheeky gold foil words are ones they’re sure to appreciate. (via Lovely Indeed)



17. DIY Painted Citrus Slice Keychain: Channel your cheery Sagittarius personality with this bright yellow citrus slice keychain. Hang from your purse, pencil case or backpack for an instant pick-me-up accessory. (via Dream Green DIY)


18. DIY Quote Banner: As someone who tries to always look on the brighter side of things, this optimistic quote banner is one you’ll want to make. Its vibrant pop of color will brighten up your space. (via Fall For DIY)



19. DIY Back to School Desk Organizer: Known as the most determined of the entire zodiac, Capricorns are in it to win it no matter what they do. Set yourself up for success with this pretty and practical desk organizer. (via Lovely Indeed)

diy alphabet bag

20. DIY Alphabet Makeup Bag: For Capricorns who love their makeup, this alphabet makeup bag will help keep their goodies in order. Try the technique on canvas pencil cases or totes, so you can personalize every aspect of your life. (via Burkatron)



21. DIY IKEA Hack Grid Moodboard: Recognized for their ultra-modern and minimalist style, Aquarius signs are all about monochromatic hues with pops of blue and metallic shades. Avoid your zodiac’s pet peeve for desktop clutter with this simple grid moodboard. (via The Beauty Dojo)


22. DIY Vinyl Letter Notebooks: Simple never looked this chic. Stick to a black and white palette for a truly minimalist set of notebooks any Aquarius can appreciate. (via The Beauty Dojo)


ice dye project

23. DIY Ice Dye Pillows: Pisces’ intrinsic love of water makes them fond of all things oceanic. Cater to your love of the deep blue with these gorgeous dyed pillows that embody your favorite place in the world. (via Dans le Lakehouse)


24. DIY Ombre Votive Candles: Stylish Pisces have an eye for items they know will upgrade their space. Take this beautiful ombre candle — it’ll both spruce up your home while adding to its cozy factor. (via Lines Across)

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