Whether you鈥檝e been together for five months, two years or ever since kindergarten, it鈥檚 never too early to start shopping for engagement rings. Odds are you already have a dream wedding board on Pinterest anyway. While it can be fun to ogle over your fave celeb鈥檚 massive rock, choosing one for yourself is a different story; are you partial to traditional pearl engagement rings, or are unique diamond engagement rings more your jam? With no shortage of OMG-worthy rings to pick from and a range of price points to consider (how expensive is too expensive?), you might as well leave it up to the Astro gods to decide your fate. Scroll down to see which engagement ring you鈥檙e destined to wear based on your sign鈥檚 personality traits.



1. Katie Diamond Stella Band ($1,100): Confidence is easily one of your best traits 鈥 you walk to the beat of your own drum and aren鈥檛 afraid to take the path less traveled. A go-getter like yourself deserves an engagement ring that demands attention, and this 14K diamond gold v-shaped band can be worn alone or stacked with your favorite dainty rings for a one-of-a-kind look.



2. Tiffany & Co. Paloma鈥檚 Sugar Stacks Ring ($700): You鈥檙e the kind of bride who appreciates the finer things in life (like engagement rings from Tiffany鈥檚!), but values commitment and devotion over all else. You don鈥檛 need a ginormous diamond to feel the love from your fianc茅 鈥 this gorgeous 18K gold lavender amethyst ring will fit right in with your Cinderella-esque wedding gown and crystal tiara.



3. WWAKE Opal & Diamond Crossover Ring ($750): Imaginative Geminis aren鈥檛 afraid to take it there with an engagement ring that errs on the non-traditional side. Sorry (not sorry), but plain ol鈥 diamonds aren鈥檛 going to cut it for this creative soul. Enter the mesmerizing opal and diamond crossover ring that will not only stand as a testament to your love, but also your wit and curiosity for the universe.



4. Zo毛 Chicco 14K Pearl and Diamond Bypass Ring ($365): Marriage is not something you take lightly 鈥 you鈥檙e in it for the long haul, Cancer! You鈥檙e a loyal and dependable individual who needs an engagement ring that鈥檚 just as sacred as your written vows. Say 鈥淚 do鈥 to this ladylike fresh culture pearl ring featuring a minimal diamond that鈥檚 equal parts classy and conservative.



5. Vrai & Oro Trillion Diamond Ring ($370): You鈥檙e a self-proclaimed #girlboss who dares to stand out from the crowd. Whether you鈥檙e kicking butt and taking names or sporting a neck-plunging jumpsuit to the boardroom, you鈥檙e all about doing your own thing. Feast your eyes upon this contemporary triangle diamond ring (available in yellow, white or rose gold) you can wear for years to come. In true cool-girl fashion, don鈥檛 hesitate to sport an entire stack of these beauties for a look that will straight-up slay.



6. Suz Somersall Edwardian Octogan Ring LUXE ($750): For level-headed Virgos, practicality is key. From the wedding dress of your childhood dreams to an idyllic venue in the countryside, you鈥檙e a big traditionalist at heart. Usher in some 19th-century charm with this stunning Edwardian-inspired ring that will wow on all fronts.



7. WWAKE Large Nestled Diamond and Opal Ring ($9,600): Go big or go home with the engagement ring of the century. At just under 10 grand, this DDG diamond and opal ring can best be described as classic with a playful twist. Artful Libras will not only appreciate the refined and contemporary design, but also the attention to quality over quantity. Consider this dainty finger jewel to be your 鈥渟omething new.鈥



8. Free People Diamond Dipped Heart Ring ($428): Out of all the zodiac signs, Scorpios are the most passionate and loyal of the bunch. You鈥檙e a hopeless romantic who loves being in love, and you can鈥檛 wait to tie the knot with your best friend for life. This handmade 14K gold heart-shaped ring may not sport the biggest diamonds, but the union it represents speaks volumes.



9. Alexandra Alberta Starry Night Ring ($2,285): Adventure is your middle name. When you鈥檙e not traveling the world in style, you can often be found exploring renowned art galleries in Paris. In lieu of simple wedding bands, opt for this enchanting Starry Night-inspired ring 鈥 featuring a lapis lazuli stone 鈥 that鈥檚 practically a work of art in itself. Not only is it representative of your world travels, but it reflects your inquisitive soul too.



10. Grace Lee Petite Lapis Crown Bezel Ring ($335): You鈥檙e a bride-to-be who practices self-control and moderation in all that you do. As you plan an intimate wedding with close family and friends, you鈥檙e all about simple traditions that speak to your minimalist aesthetic. This dainty rose gold ring with a lapis stone has a quiet elegance about it that shall not be overlooked.



11. Belinda Saville Evergreen Ring Set in 14K Rose, Yellow & White Gold ($300): In true Aquarius fashion, you鈥檙e always looking for ways to give back, and that includes planning an eco-friendly wedding. Take a peek at this lovely set of nature-inspired leaf rings crafted with recycled 14K gold. You can wear 鈥榚m stacked or mix and match 鈥榚m with old favorites (like your grammie鈥檚 heirloom ring) for the ultimate wedding-day look.



12. Blanca Monr贸s G贸mez Black Diamond Aura Ring ($2,050): Pisces always have their eye on the prize, whether it鈥檚 a Kate Middleton-inspired wedding gown, an avant-garde cape or a splurge-worthy engagement ring. This beautiful black diamond stunner circled by tiny white diamonds is not only symbolic of your romantic and mysterious side, but it brings the drama. For an alternative look, pair it with an assortment of midi rings or an exotic hand chain.

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