We love experimenting with new cosmetics, but they’re not always the most portable. And while the kits that you buy at the store can be super handy, they don’t always have your favorite color combos. These 4 palettes bring you the convenience of store bought kits with the customization possibilities of a whole makeup bag:

Jouer: This company’s name means “to play” in French… and that’s exactly what we love about these products! They’re designed to snap and slide in and out of one another, creating the ultimate customizable makeup palette with no set size. Each color can function as a stand-alone cosmetic: Grab a lipgloss and toss it in your bag for a casual day. But each piece also connects to the others, so you can compile your entire look in an organized and easy-to-pack kit.

Ellis Holder: This is the most unique and portable makeup kit we’ve ever seen. Each of your products comes in a tube that fits into the slots of the cylindrical holder. The product number and true-to-life color are displayed so you can just quickly grab the product you need without taking any of the others out. We’re obsessed with the fact that the lid serves triple duty as a mirror, powder case, and, well, a lid. While you’re definitely limited on the number of products that fit in the holder, we don’t actually think anyone needs to carry more than 8 products in their purse!

Magnetic Palette: What if you already have makeup you love and are a little put off by buying a whole new collection just for portability’s sake? We totally get where you’re coming from (we have our favorite essentials too), but that doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the innovative makeup kit fun. This palette is magnetic and designed to accommodate the vast majority of products already on the market. Because most compacts have metal inserts, you can just snap out and arrange in your new case.

Custom DIY Palette: We can’t resist including some DIY action. Our customizable makeup palette can be made completely from things you have around your house, with all the makeup you already use. It’s crazy easy to make and it’s the perfect way to ensure that you have all your necessary products at your fingertips… plus a little personal flair ;)

Have you seen any innovative makeup kits on the market? What’s your favorite way to take cosmetics on-the-go? Talk to us in the comments below or over on Twitter.