Ladies, this combination of products is sure to have your face fresh and vibrant without burning a hole in your pocketbook. And our Brit-friendly bonus: All of these products are available on Amazon!

Women have questions and concerns about the types of products to use and how to use them.These 10 products, when used properly, will give you the luminous face and extra boost of confidence to truly shine. Best of all, this beauty regimen can be executed in under 20 minutes with just a little practice.

1. Mac Brush Set ($20): EVERY brush in this set is a must have! The fact that this set is so affordable is unheard of. A single brush of this quality usually sells for an average of $20 each, so this is a steal. A good set of brushes, when properly cared for, will last a lifetime and is crucial for easy application.

2. Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer ($47): Step one, it is essential that you protect your skin with SPF. This moisturizer is hands down my favorite. It is light weight with a phenomenal coverage that leaves your face with a natural vibrant glow.

3. Maybelline Cover Stick ($5) : Having tried every concealer known to man, this is my absolute fave. Use it under your eyes and in the T-zone where any redness may exist. Simple how-to: Use your finger to blend into your skin — the heat from your own finger will help the product melt into your skin. Then, simply blend.

4. Guerlain Meteorites Face Powder ($51): This is the priciest product on our list, but it is one that is well worth it. Nearly every powder I have tried somehow manages to leave my face with murky dryness, but not this one. Just use with a face brush (Mac 134) after using a tinted moisturizer. No matter what your skin type (oily, combination, or dry) it will leave your face with a dewy, bright finish. Confession: I use this every single day and it's already lasted a year!

5. Rimmel Natural Bronzer ($13): Now that you have completely evened out your skin tone, it’s time to add the natural contour (dimension) to your beautiful face. Using your angled contouring brush (Mac 168) lightly sweep this Ah-MAZING bronzer under your cheek bones up to the temples and on the top of your hairline. Simple how-to: visualize the shape of the number 3 on each side of your face.

6. Orgasm Blush By Nars ($27): Next, add a sweet hint of blushing beauty back to your luminous face. With the same angled brush (Mac 168), quickly wipe off the remnants of the bronzer and add a quick touch of this sun-kissed blush to the apple of your cheeks. Simple how-to: smile — the part of your face that you want to pinch is the apple of your cheek ;)

7. Watt’s Up! Highlighter ($30): Benefit is known for their cute catchy names, and while sometimes the names may be sweeter than the product, in this case the effect is as awesome as the name. Add that kiss of glimmer to the top of your cheek bones and on the bridge of your nose. Blend with your finger to melt the product into your skin allowing it to flawlessly layer on top of the other products.

8. Maybelline Eyeshadow Palette ($9): While I have a love affair with Mac eye shadows, I have found that an inexpensive mini palette containing comparable pigments in every color is all you need to apply the perfect day/evening look to your eyes. If you're looking for a liner, use the darkest color in this palette with a little bit of water and liner brush and you're good to go.

9. Benefit They’re Real Mascara ($22): “Are your eyelashes real?” That's what everyone will be asking after you apply two coats of this phenomenal mascara. Again, I have tried every mascara that could possibly exist, and this is one of my favorites.

10. Buxom Lip Gloss ($18): Lastly, what better way to seal this fresh face than with a kiss? This Bare Essentials lip plumper has a natural finish, leaving your lips with the perfect amount of tingle. Now, go lay a big one on your lucky someone!

Note: Some prices of these products may be subject to change based on availability on Amazon.

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