As you may have noticed, we’re big fans of Etsy. But sometimes, it can be a bit overwhelming. With an endless supply of gorgeous handmade treasures and vintage finds, it’s tough to know where to start and where to begin. And to make things even more irresistible, they’ve just announced the launch of gift cards! What’s a treasure hunter to do? Well, it turns out that all of you are serious Etsy sleuths.

As part of our Etsy giveaway earlier this month, we asked you to share with us your favorite Etsy shops and items. Here are our favorite 44 picks from all the awesome shops and items you selected. Adding just about everything on this list to the Brit + Co. wish list. :)

1. Deuce Fashion (via Brea Thomas): We’re swooning hard over these Geometric Charm Necklaces ($15). Would love to wear all 4 at once!

2. Molecular Muse (via Kim Rohrer): What happens when a scientist turns into an artist? Science-inspired jewelry, of course. Our fave in this shop is definitely the Serotonin Molecule Necklace ($90).

3. The Bead Girl (via Emily Sutherlin): Speaking of science and jewelry intermingling, checking out this stylish take on a Medical Alert Bracelet ($134).

4. Merriweather Council (via Julie Horton): Ever since we came across the cross-stitch iPhone case, we’ve been hankering for more mini cross-stitch projects. This necklace ($50) totally inspires us.

5. Symmetrical Pottery (via Ivy Stokes): Love these playful Spiky Mugs ($39).

6. Tipsy Glows (via Cassandra Cisneros): Patterned wine glasses can either be really festive or really crafty-looking. These Mustache Lips Wine Glasses ($20) have just the right amount of playfulness and would be perfect for a hipster wedding.

7. Idea 2 Lifestyle (via Lisa Gaub): You know we can’t resist a good 2-in-1! This dress ($66) can be worn in at least 2 different ways, and is great for layering.

8. Remember a Day (via Megan Davis): It’s rainy out here in SF and we’re all about cozying up. This Manhattan Cowl ($45) looks like just the thing.

9. The Comfy Times (via Allegra Lucia): Speaking of cowls, we’re loving the look of this crocheted hooded cowl ($60) as well.

10. Haute and Low (via Ugo Anyanwu): Who knew Project Runway contestants were on Etsy?! This Wool Houndstooth Blazer ($250) is most definitely fierce.

11. Not One Sparrow (via Cassaundra Curd): So gorgeous! But these Peach Earrings ($22) aren’t vintage… exactly. This jewelry maker uses vintage jewels found at flea markets, antique stores, and the link and breathes new life into them with a little upcycling action.

12. Petite Delights (via Ashley Rodriguez): Looking for a pop of color and bling for your holiday style? Love these Mini Crystal Tear Drops ($38).

13. Twoems (via Amanda Hartzell Roman): Etsy is also a really awesome place for finding totally unique prints and photographs. Obsessing over this Trapezoid Love Print ($45).

14. Kimberly Blok Fine Art (via Leah Bassett): The warm hues are autumn are short-lasting each year but this Autumn Leaves ($45) print makes us feel all sorts of warm and cozy.

15. Tamara Starr (via Laura Crawley Thatcher): Instantly fell in love with the name of this painting, I Love You More Than your Mix Tape ($22).

16. Studio MKO (via Roxanne Hai Lash): Maps make a great gift for just about any occasion. These personalized ones ($75) are perfect for weddings, engagements, birthdays, and more.

17. Pony and Poppy (via Ginger Haven Iuppa): Fancy a little functionality with your art? This lovely Lilac Fern Tea Towel ($17) is as pretty as it is helpful.

18. Meera Lee Patel (via Michelle Warnke): Same with this Garden Herb Tea Towel ($22). Love the herby motif.

19. 4Ever Always Designs (via Amelia Brincefield + Sara Blakeslee): You guys sure are a bunch of romantics, eh? This sideways anchor ring ($15) makes us think of that gorgeous black and white photo of a sailor kissing an unsuspecting girl in Times Square.

20. Chelsey Alyse (via Candice Croix): This Copper Heart Ring ($35) is all sorts of sweet.

21. Wirewrap (via Jacky Gaer): Not up for DIYing this a la our tutorial? Order yourself a little love ring ($32)!

22. Illuminance Jewelry (via Mona Zavala): This. Is. Amazing. Could this Amethyst Spike Gold Ring, be a candidate for a non-traditional engagement ring?

23. Miju and You (via Indiana Felix-de la Cruz): This arrow ring ($24) has been on our list for ages! Love all the feather-shaped, laser cut jewelry in this shop.

24. Chasing At Starlight (via Jessica Camille): Time for some nerd romance! This set of Star Wars Rings ($20) is perfect for those who feel the force.

25. QuStars (via Mieko Temple): Similar to a little bamboo number we featured in our roundup of powerless iPhone amps, this Bamboo Speaker is a great natural alternative to speakers.

26. Angela Kay Designs (via Erin Gleason): We’re obsessed over Etsy’s entire collection of tech-cessories, and this iPad Kindle Fire Clutch ($50) is no exception. Stay tuned for more Etsy tech finds in the coming weeks!

27. Mid Century 8 (via Jessica Cabrera): Etsy is also a solid place for finding unusual vintage treasures. This distressed industrial bag ($75) works as a briefcase, camera bag, laptop bag, and is great as an airplane carryon.

28. Igor Industries (via Emily Infinger): Another cool amplifier! Only this one is shaped like a Gramophone ($79)!

29. Cutting Edge Stencils (via Vivian Lei): Spruce up your walls with a Reusable Stencil Pattern ($53).

30. White Faux Taxidermy (via Rachel Koppes): Or create your own zoo ($135) with this awesome collection of faux taxidermy. Super into these.

31. And Then Some Etsy (via Alexa Carney): Always love us some letterpress. The amount of awesome stationery on Etsy is pretty incredible, and most is available for customization! And what’s better than Love + Hugs ($8)?

32. Flapperdoodle (via Emily Lane): Super into the name of this shop, and the style of illustration matches it perfectly. All the stationery in this shop is inspired by 1920s art and style – love these Bridesmaid Cards ($20).

33. Alice in Japan (via Richard Patrick Varga): Now for some plush stuff! These Fabric Owl Keyrings ($15) are great for kids and adults alike.

32. Mimi Kirchner (via Zhana Levitsky): What a fun pair of Bride and Groom Fox Dolls ($280)! Handmade by artist Mimi Kirchner, each of these dolls is totally unique.

34. My Mimi (via Emma Lynn): Love sushi so much you want to lay your head on it? No? Ok but this Onigiri Pillow ($18) is still pretty darn cute.

35. Weird Bug Lady (via Chris Borkent): For a stuffed animal that’s also educational, you might like this Plush Trilobite Fossil ($20).

36. Kiva Ford (via Revathy Pandian): And now, some handblown glass. That awesome succulent-looking pendant ($118) is actually made of glass!

37. Wishes on the Wind (via Elise Luo): For this Botanical Necklace ($36), they’ve taken actual baby’s breath (or gypsophilia) and captured it in a hollow glass bead.

38. Myra Kim (via Gillian Chai): I can be your halo, halo, halo…. Flower Blossom Halo ($525), that is. We love these bridal headpieces so much we had to feature two.

39. Myra Kim (via Gillian Chai): This Bridal Birdcage ($120) would look pretty perfect with a vintage or vintage-inspired wedding frock.

40. Steven James Keathly (via Nicole Jisoo Kim): And now a random assortment of what’s left. Keep Calm and Make a List ($9) is kind of our mantra.

41. Honey Bakeshop (via Willa Corinna Kroll): Though we’re all about making our own awesome cookies ourselves, these lacy lovelies ($56) look amazing.

42. Woolie Bullie (via Deb Frank): Etsy can also be a solid place for finding unique craft supplies like fabrics, buttons, of these colorful wool fibers ($15).

43. Sun Dried Linen (via Lena Giseke): Whether you like vintage kitchenwares for usefulness or decor, there’s no shortage of odd little items, including this Rival Juice-O-Mat ($30) from the late 40s or early 50s.

44. Snarky Little Stitcher (via Max Rochford): And last, a little bit of snarkiness in the form of stitching! These i can haz brainz ($8) and hipsta please ($9) bookmarks are too hipster for words.

And big congrats to Julie Horton and Myra Kim for winning our Etsy giveaway!!

What are your favorite Etsy shops and items? Share links with us in the comments below.