Over the past year we’ve seen a HUGE uptick in brands actively trying to be as inclusive as possible. Whether they’re focusing on representing sexuality, race or size, many brands have begun paying attention to representation in their ad campaigns. (Score!)

The latest to jump on board is L’Oréal. The company just released a brand-new ad featuring a host of celebrities alongside more unconventional models. In honor of the new move toward representing all different types of bodies, here are a few of the most recent significant campaigns in the inclusivity movement.

1. THINX: THINX’s ad campaign that came out last year was one of the first to feature a variety of ethnicities, body sizes and gender identities. The campaign came out, targeting not a specific gender but “people with periods.”

2. Maybelline: The new year started with an unusual hire from Maybelline when the beauty company used Manny Gutierrez (aka Manny Mua) as the face of its new Big Shot Mascara.

3. Covergirl: In October, Covergirl hired its first Coverboy. 17-year-old James Charles made history in a campaign alongside Katy Perry.

4. L’Oréal: The beauty brand just launched a brand new campaign for its “True Match” foundation. The lineup includes a few familiar faces (Hey, Blake Lively), but there’s also one man, one transgender model and two plus-size models included in the campaign.

A natural beauty in #LouboutinCharme.

Posted by Christian Louboutin on Wednesday, December 9, 2015

5. Christian Louboutin: It was only December 2015 when the luxury fashion house became the first to feature a plus-size model as the face of its beauty brand.

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(Featured photo via L’Oreal)