If you鈥檙e like most human beings right now, you鈥檝e probably been sneaking in a liiittle summer vacation planning at work 鈥 or at least wistfully looking at pictures of Morocco during your lunch break. Picture this: Getting paid to travel to the most lust-worthy places on your list full time. Whether you鈥檙e thinking about making that kind of leap yourself, or you just want to live vicariously through people who have, these five women will pack your day with some major life and work inspiration.

The Tour Guide

Arien Torsius, Luxury Bike Tour Guide at Duvine Cycling + Adventure Co.

Born in South Africa and currently living in Tuscany, Italy, Arien Torsius鈥 life is nothing short of extraordinary. She gives bike tours across the most scenic parts of Italy, Holland and France鈥攁nd if you鈥檙e one of her riders, you鈥檙e in good hands. Torsius has been cycling competitively since she was just 14 years old. Despite the 鈥渓uxury鈥 part of her top-shelf tours, she says it鈥檚 the people she meets throughout her travels that excites her the most, from Italian winemakers to chefs who want to talk her ears off about porcini season.

First-class tip: 鈥淵our quality of life is more important than having a stable, 9-to-5 job that makes you miserable.鈥

The Sharing Economist

Melissa O鈥橸oung, Head of NYC Community at Airbnb

Not many people can say they have led leadership retreats on Richard Branson鈥檚 private island. Melissa O鈥橸oung, however, is one of those few. It all started after leaving her job at Unilever to freelance and travel for a few months, and ultimately deciding to go back and get her master鈥檚 degree, building her expertise on the sharing economy. From there, she began consulting for the UK government, founded an organization called Let鈥檚 Collaborate, and now runs New York City鈥檚 massive community at Airbnb鈥攁nd yes, traveling a lot is one of the perks. Her secret? Become an expert in one of your passions, she says, which has allowed her to speak at conferences all over the world.

First-class tip: 鈥淚鈥檓 happiest when I鈥檓 doing purposeful work 鈥 weaving your passion into your job makes for a happier lifestyle.鈥

The Thrifty Nomad

Erica Virvo, Director of Global Operations at Nomadic Matt鈥檚 Travel Website

A firm believer in spontaneous connections, Erica met her current boss (travel blogger Nomadic Matt) at a Meetup last year 鈥 and has been his right-hand woman ever since. She鈥檚 worked on the blog all over the world, including Thailand, London and even while backpacking in Cape Town. Prior to her current gig, she studied abroad for a year in Qatar. 鈥淭hat is still the best experience of my life 鈥 it sparked my passion for travel,鈥 she says. Afterward, Virvo continued on to teach English in South Korea and work on sustainable living communes in the Caribbean, Zambia and Costa Rica. Talk about a packed passport.

First-class tip: 鈥淭ravel on a budget 鈥 it makes your experience colorful and fun, and you won鈥檛 regret it. The world is not a scary place.鈥

The Side-Hustler

Christine Amorose, Brand Partnerships at Vimeo & Curator of C鈥檈st Christine Blog

When she鈥檚 not working at one of the coolest video-hosting companies in the world, Christine Amorose moonlights as a successful lifestyle and travel blogger. Five years ago when she first started C鈥檈st Christine, she never imagined her daily snapshots would amass more than 80,000 followers on Instagram, and gain coverage by the likes of Conde Nast Traveler and Passion Passport. Check it out for yourself and you鈥檒l find mesmerizing details on trips everywhere from Curacao and South Australia to Croatia and New Zealand. Even with her busy schedule though, she says she tries to prioritize the things that keep her grounded: yoga, coffee dates with friends and spending time with her boyfriend.

First-class tip: 鈥淭reat every day like a vacation.鈥

The Entrepreneur

Jennifer Hawkins, Founder and President of Hawkins International Public Relations

Hawkins International PR started out as a lofty idea during an exploratory trip to Burma. Jennifer Hawkins realized she was helping the existing tour company gain new ideas and publicity, and wanted to start a business promoting all parts of the travel experience. The PR agency began with hotels, resort and tour operators and airlines, and has grown its digital division to include apps and travel service clients. Since its conception, Hawkins has been lucky enough to visit 45 countries across six continents during the past 14 years. And she credits part of her success to a willingness to ask for help and advice when she needs it. 鈥淭he most important thing about starting your own business is surrounding yourself with people that you trust, admire and respect 鈥 including your employees, advisors and clients,鈥 she says.

First-class tip: 鈥淚鈥檝e always believed that asking a lot of questions gets you very far.鈥

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