Most of us are self-identified over-packers, because who’s to say we won’t need our adorable all-weather boots on our beach trip to the Bahamas?! But the truth of the matter is that sometimes no number of handy-dandy, space-saving gadgets and no amount of meticulous clothing rolling will create enough space in our suitcases for all the crap we want to bring. Luckily, when it comes down to it, some of our usual vacay vitals aren’t actually as essential as they seem. Here are the items to leave at home before hopping on the plane.

1. Technology: Try to bring your cell, and your cell alone. There’s a reason they’re called smart phones — they can do pretty much anything. Download the Kindle app on your phone. Upload your important files to Google Drive. Log into all of your accounts on mobile. Without your laptop, Kindle, or tablet, you’ll spare yourself space and, most likely, some stress.

2. Heels and Other Impractical Shoes: Those booties aren’t made for walking. No traveler, regardless of their destination, should have to bring more than three pairs of shoes with them: a comfortable pair (whether those be hiking boots or Converse), a casual pair (think sandals or boots, depending on the season), and, if absolutely necessary, a dressy pair.

3. Food: Isn’t the best part of traveling getting to enjoy the local fare? Aside from a small snack to sustain you while traveling, everything else should stay in your pantry. Buying basics, such as bread, milk, and fruit, upon arriving so you don’t have to dine out for every meal is a good way to save space beforehand and money after the fact.

4. Toiletries: Beauty gurus and skincare savants, we’re looking at you. Although some makeup items, such as mascara, foundation, and neutral eye shadows, are must-haves for many, consider leaving the various blushes, brushes, and out-there shades of lipstick at home. Pro tip: Bring any samples of beauty products you have lying around — they’re both compact and fun to experiment with!

5. Point-and-Shoot Camera: The advent of Instagram has us feeling like there’s a bit of Annie Leibovitz in all of us, but unless you’re a professional photographer, your phone’s camera will do the trick on a trip. DSLR cameras are bulky, heavy, and ultra expensive; your cell phone fits in your pocket and you’ll have to bring it regardless. The choice is clear.

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