It鈥檚 time to make your list and check it twice! The biggest shopping days of the year are just around the corner, and we want to help you enjoy the process of present-buying as much as possible. What better way to make the experience fun than to make it a couple鈥檚 activity? Read on for five simple tips to keep holiday shopping with your S.O. fun instead of frantic.

1. Have a plan of attack. They say that failing to plan is planning to fail 鈥 and if we didn鈥檛 know better, we鈥檇 assume that whoever coined that phrase came up with it after an intense holiday shopping session. Pinpoint the stores running the best deals 鈥 especially on Black Friday 鈥 and agree on the best way to spend your time. Make a list of the loved ones you鈥檙e shopping for, and brainstorm gift ideas as much as possible to cut down on excessive browsing. If you have a clear shopping plan ahead of time, you and your partner will both keep your cool no matter how much holiday chaos you encounter.

Couple shopping at christmas fair.

2. Allow for plenty of time. That plan we just suggested? Make sure it includes lots of wiggle room for crowds, traffic and other unforeseen delays. If you try to squeeze all the shopping for both of your friends and family into a single weeknight, you鈥檙e just asking to make the experience more stressful. Set aside a full weekend or a few evenings throughout December 鈥 and don鈥檛 wait until a week before Christmas to get started! You鈥檒l enjoy the process a lot more, PLUS you鈥檒l likely have more gifting options to choose from at better prices.

3. Divide and conquer (but only if your phones are charged). Make the most of your time and energy by splitting up the shopping lists 鈥 especially during high-traffic days (ahem, Black Friday). If you鈥檝e communicated about your budget and what you need to buy, you can trust your partner to grab a few items for the people on your list. You may even be grateful for a few minutes alone! Just be sure to start the day with a fully charged phone (or bring a charger with you) 鈥 your shopping trip won鈥檛 end well if you鈥檙e wandering through a mall phone-less while your partner tries to track you down.

4. Don鈥檛 overdo it. Be realistic about how much joint shopping you and your partner can actually handle. If you hate crowds and long lines but your S.O. loves a deal, maybe they should tackle Black Friday alone 鈥 or maybe you can introduce them to the joys of Cyber Monday instead. If you love being in stores during the holiday season but your bae gets fed up with it, respect their limits and consider which gifts are better purchased online. Set yourself up for success by knowing each other鈥檚 boundaries before you get started.

5. Make it a date. Gift-buying 鈥 especially on major shopping days like Black Friday 鈥 can feel like a race, or even worse, a chore. Don鈥檛 lose the spirit of the season for you and your sweetie in the rush of playing Santa. Whether you stop for a diner breakfast before hitting the mall or take a seat between stores to sip hot chocolate, you both will be happy to have a break and some good conversation. With a date thrown into the mix, shopping for your loved ones may even become a new favorite holiday tradition.

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