We love a good flower crown as much as the next bride, but lately, we’ve been scratching our bloom-covered heads, wondering what big trend will take over the wedding world next. From a totally rad ’90s throwback accessory to a wardrobe staple that’s probably already hanging in your closet, take a peek at five looks that just might be making their way down the aisle very soon.

1. Chokers: Talk about serious #chokergoals. From delicate dainty pearls to minimalist vibes, this look is definitely aisle-worthy. Consider a modern look with a sleek choker or a sophisticated lace to match the feel of your gown. Just remember to consider your neckline, but honestly, we love them all.

2. Wedding Hats: Wedding hats give off a perfectly vintage vibe and are about to be a big thing for boho brides. Imagine topping off your crocheted separates with a wide brim hat, and maybe a veil too.


3. Pastel Hair: Brides all over the world are opting for colored hair on their big day. It’s pretty much the ultimate wedding accessory. (via Hannah Duffy / Love My Dress)


4. Denim Jackets: BRB, currently adding this to our shopping bag. This retro-style jacket is making a major comeback and it’s about to hit the wedding world too. (via Jade + Matthew Take Pictures / Ruffled)

5. Chain Bras: These oh-so-trendy undergarments may not provide any support, but they make a seriously bold statement. Picture a feminine chain bra paired with your strappy wedding gown. Some of our fave celebs from Rihanna to Bella Hadid have been spotted with this alluring bling-meets-lingerie accessory, and we’re totally digging it. A little too alternative for your ceremony? Consider this luxe look for your reception, after party or bachelorette!

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