Happy Halloween, folks! We鈥檝e got goosebumps, and it鈥檚 not the changing temperatures that are giving us chills. Rather, we can thank the spookiest stories on the internet for that. In case you haven鈥檛 spent too much time on the subreddit r/NoSleep, we鈥檒l fill you in. It鈥檚 earned the rep of being one of the creepiest places to hang out online, and some of the stories shared there have become urban legends in their own right. We鈥檝e rounded up six of their spookiest tales for you to curl up and read 鈥 just remember the golden rule for NoSleep: Everything is true on NoSleep, even if it isn鈥檛. Beware of the things that go bump in the night.


1. 鈥淚鈥檓 a Search and Rescue Officer for the US Forest Service, I have some stories to tell鈥 by searchandrescuewoods: Weird things happen in the deep woods. Lost hikers wind up dead in mystifying ways, mysterious stairs that lead to nowhere appear miles away from civilization, a hiker is found in shock and can鈥檛 stop babbling about a creepy man with black eyes. A SAR officer shares all the terrifying things that happen in the wilderness in six different posts 鈥 and trust us when we say each one is terrifying. This series was awarded 鈥淏est Monthly Winner 2015,鈥 and with good cause. Click through鈥 if you dare.

2. 鈥淢y dead girlfriend keeps messaging me on Facebook. I鈥檝e got the screenshots. I don鈥檛 know what to do鈥 by natesw: This story sent chills down every Redditor鈥檚 spine and launched about a thousand conspiracy theories because no one knew whether the story was true or not. The OP鈥檚 girlfriend passed away in a tragic car accident and he began receiving messages from her Facebook account. The messages all seemed to be recycled from their past conversations and he even included screenshots of all the conversations. The creepiest part is that in the comments, OP got a picture sent to him from his gf鈥檚 account that is taken of his house FROM THE OUTSIDE. Creeped out yet?


3. 鈥淭he Story of Her Holding an Orange鈥 by inaaace: When you look at the annals of r/NoSleep, this horror tale is something of a legend. Told in the first-person retrospective, the story begins when the main character was a teenage boy and he meets his mom鈥檚 friend Rose. Around his mom, Rose is a totally normal person, but when she鈥檚 alone with the boy, she becomes someone else 鈥 an eerily grinning, baby-voiced version of herself. The weirdest part is that she always offers him an orange. Told in several parts, Rose stalks the protagonist over the course of several years 鈥 and always with the orange. This story is complete with photos, which leaves you wondering whether it鈥檚 a true story or not. *Shudder*


4. 鈥淔ootsteps鈥 by 1000Vultures: The first tale in this series dates back five years ago, and the series gained such an overwhelming following, the writer actually published the stories into a book titled Penpal. The story kicks off with the adult narrator recalling a strange incident from childhood: waking up in the middle of the strange woods at night. What happens next, we won鈥檛 tell you. Just know with each following episode, things get stranger and more sinister.


5. 鈥淩oom 733鈥 by The_Dalek_Emperor: Here鈥檚 another story that gained so much popularity (or notoriety, rather), the writer eventually published the collection into a book. This story follows a pair of best friends who are assigned the room next door to the notorious Room 733, also known as the *Suicide Room.* When the lights go out at night, eerie things happen.


6. 鈥淭hat wasn鈥檛 my husband I slept next to last night鈥 by TorontoScared1: Imagine your S.O. comes back from a business trip and is just鈥 different. He speaks differently, types differently and everything he touches is covered in a weird sticky goo. Yuck. And the same dreaded question prevails through each of the six parts: What鈥檚 in the suitcase? The series was the best story winner of August 2014, and goes down in Reddit history as one of the scariest.

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