It's too early...

There are plenty of things to get in order for your Fourth of July celebrations: stocking up on blue wine, picking out your best white jeans look and creating this killer rocket pop piñata. But as crucial as it is to make sure you have a well-stocked bar, it’s just as important that you have all the essentials to cure your almost certain July Fifth hangover. Which is exactly why we rounded up the six products you need in your arsenal so you can party with America guilt-free.

NTH 3.5oz Prevention bottle FINAL_No Background copy

1. Never Too Hungover Prevention ($24/pack of 6): Created specificially to prevent all symptoms of a hangover — head throbbing, can’t move feeling… you get the point — Never Too Hungover neutralizes and processes the toxins caused by alcohol. Plus, it’s gluten-free, carb-free, sugar-free and contains powerful ingredients like milk thistle, green tea extract and aloe vera. Swing by your local GNC pre-party so you don’t have to worry about leaving the house the next day.


2. doTerra Peppermint Essential Oil ($28): No doubt, essential oils are one of the best natural remedies for a variety of aches, pains and illnesses. But in this case, after you’ve drank one too many and wake up a little nauseous, peppermint is the essential oil to reach for. Known to alleviate upset stomach, this fresh oil can be added to some lemon water to help you rehydrate or in a green smoothie if you’re skipping the greasy breakfast.


3. Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee ($4): Sometimes all it takes to rid your hangover is a strong cup of coffee. Pick up this ready-to-drink cold brew from Stumptown and get the chilled caffeine you need to get out of bed while cooling off from the July temps. Head over to your local Target, Whole Foods or other grocery store to pick up this super potent cold brew. Pro tip: Cut this coffee with a bit of water for a fuller flavor.

raglan WP

4. Warby Parker Raglan ($95): So, we know, these sunnies will do nothing to cure your hangover. BUT it will do wonders for hiding your bloodshot eyes and bags underneath when your in-laws or grandparents decide to make a surprise post-party appearance. The bold shape and dark lenses will have people thinking you’re rocking a statement piece rather than stating that you’re too tired to get out of bed before noon.


5. Jus by Julie Ginger ($4): Known as the OG immunity booster, ginger is ideal for fighting colds and settling stomachs while also awakening the senses. Grab a ginger shot, raw juice from ginger root, first thing in the a.m. to get your mind and body up and moving well before it really wants to. Plus, if it’s good enough for Selena Gomez, it’s good enough for us.

prairie organic

6. Prairie Organic Spirits Cucumber Vodka ($24): When all else fails, a little hair of the dog can’t hurt. If your cure for getting over a hangover is to never let one catch up to you, try this good-for-you spirit instead of another drink of whatever you were having the night before. It’s light, crisp and 100 percent certified organic. Plus, it takes three years to craft, so you know you’ll be enjoying a smooth, uncompromised taste.

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