There are a lot of great things about summer. Beach days, backyard barbecues, holiday weekends… But, TBH, one of our favorite summer activities is lounging in the sun and enjoying a cocktail with friends. And if you’re looking for a way to spice up your beverage of choice, there have been a lot of new options making headlines recently. First came spiked seltzer, then blue wine sent the Internet into a collective tizzy. But if neither of those is appealing to you, we have another refreshing option: grapefruit rosé.

Rose Wine Picnic

The up-and-coming drink of summer seems like a straight-up match made in heaven. Trend forecasting company WGSN writes, “Traditional to the south of France, grapefruit rosé is made by adding a dash of grapefruit syrup, extract or juice to bottled rosé wine. The cocktail combination infuses the rosé with a touch of citrus tang, a lighter flavor and a lower alcohol strength — all perfect for long, hot summer days and nights.”


While it’s super easy to DIY your way to grapefruit rosé, you can also buy it pre-made in some supermarkets in the UK and US. Very Grapefruit’s Rosé Pamplemousse, Very Pamp and Twenty Wine’s Le 20 Rosé are three wine selections leading the pack, but there are a number of options to choose from, should you find yourself in the alcoholic paradise that is BevMo.

Happy sipping, friends!

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