We鈥檝e said it before, and we鈥檒l say it again: Fitness is a lifestyle. But if you do the same 30-minute workout all the time, that lifestyle can get a little鈥 well鈥 boring. Luckily, so many people getting into exercise聽means there鈥檚 a huge range of classes available, with more聽cropping up on the reg. While some fitness trends truly are fads (Prancercise, anyone?), most of them聽serve as exciting alternatives to聽your routine. Super specialized fitness classes with really creative concepts are beginning to emerge, making it even more fun to try out new studios. Since there are so many ways out there to get your sweat on, we鈥檝e selected the freshest exercises to elevate聽your heart rate.

1. Water Balance聽Workouts: Want to work your core *crazy* hard? Try a pool-balancing session, like Holy Water at TMPL Gym聽in NYC, where you鈥檒l be taken through a yoga-inspired flow while trying聽to not crash into the water. If you do, it鈥檚 obviously NBD, but as you get the hang of things, you鈥檒l be honing your muscle stabilization skills 鈥 which will help you out in lots of other kinds of workouts like running, yoga and even weightlifting. If you鈥檙e lucky enough to live somewhere warm where you can do this kind of workout outdoors, go for it!聽YOGAqua in Marina del Rey, CA and Yoga-Water in Miami are awesome options.

2. New Twists on Boxing: Celebs like Gigi Hadid, Shay聽Mitchell and Ellie Goulding made boxing all the rage in 2016, which might be why there are so many boxing studios opening. The up-and-coming group of fight-friendly spots聽we鈥檙e seeing all have fresh, fun takes聽on the sport. These interpretations are especially awesome for a total beginner who finds traditional boxing intimidating. Box + Flow in NYC splits the class between high-intensity heavy bag work and a much more chill yoga sequence afterwards (as you may have guessed from their clever name).聽Rumble, which just opened its first location in NYC and聽plans to expand soon, combines traditional boxing moves with strength training and conditioning to give you a well-rounded and seriously effective聽sweat session.

3. Zumba, But Better: People who love dance workouts are in luck, because they鈥檙e not going anywhere. Pon de Flow聽鈥斅燼 Caribbean and reggae dance fitness class that incorporates HIIT intervals 鈥 is like Zumba鈥 except harder. Dance workouts with聽these kinds of intervals are聽more accessible for those who aren鈥檛 naturally the best dancers, but remember not to sweat it if you still feel silly getting your groove on. Over time, you鈥檒l master the moves and get more confident shaking it on the floor. If you鈥檙e still not totally comfy getting down in front of others, there are countless dance cardio classes you can do via streaming video in the privacy of your own home, like the ones from聽AKT InMotion, Tracy Anderson Method and DanceBody.

4. Return of the Stair-Stepper: These retro machines are聽making a major聽comeback. Popular new LA exercise spot聽Rise Nation聽focuses on the聽Versa-Climber, a really badass upgrade聽to the classic stair-stepper. This class does not mess around: You spend a full 30 minutes going through all the effort of a real vertical climb. Celeb fans like Hilary Duff, Ashley Greene and Nina Dobrev can鈥檛 get enough and have been spotted snapping sweaty post-workout selfies there. Even the Tone It Up girls are getting behind this trend,聽creating a special workout you can do at your own gym if they happen聽to have a stair climber. Warning: You will feel the burn, but it will definitely help you reach those #bootygoals.

5. Low-Impact Revolution: With all the high-impact workouts out there (think: anything where you鈥檙e jumping up and down a lot, like running, CrossFit and traditional HIIT), the need for low-impact workouts that still get your heart rate up has become apparent. That鈥檚 probably why LIT Method in LA is so popular. The class incorporates resistance-band work, rowing and active recovery to create a session that鈥檚 tough AF but easy on your joints. If you don鈥檛 live in sunny Southern Cali, they also offer a streaming option (complete with an equipment kit) so you can get an awesome, joint-friendly workout at home. Another studio making strides in this area is Solidcore, which already has聽over 15 locations across the US and more coming soon. They鈥檝e got their own machine 鈥 similar to a Pilates reformer 鈥 and while the exercises might look easy, they鈥檙e actually extremely challenging. If you want to get some serious strength training in without lifting weights or relying too much on your body weight, this is an amazing聽option.

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6.聽Barre Gets Badass: Classic ballet barre classes have a reputation for being a bit prim, but Pop Physique is definitely changing that. Though they use the usual barre moves (expect lots of pli茅s and tiny isometric movements), their attitude toward getting your burn on is playful and cheeky. At the moment, they鈥檝e got locations in California, New York and Atlanta. More are on the way, so if you鈥檙e outside those areas, keep your eyes peeled for them to open in your聽neck of the woods soon.

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