It’s the most wonderful time of the year, when lounging poolside and laying out on the beach is practically mandatory. If you’re planning to spend every weekend this summer waterside, just know we’re there for it too. That’s why we decided to pull together a list of the season’s top hairstyles that are post-swim hair. From braids to scarf-dos to beachy waves, follow these looks for some serious summer hair inspo.

1. Go Fish(tail): Here’s how to master the fishtail, because you’re going to want to keep this look around all summer long. Even if it gets loose or messy, who cares? It still looks like #goals.

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2. Sun’s Out, Buns Out: Everything looks more fun in twos, right? Especially these double high buns. Secure with elastic ties and a few bobby pins, and you’re in business.

3. Halfsies: When you don’t want to wear your hair all the way up, just do two basic braids and a half bun and you’re done. It looks laid-back but still has enough flair for stopping for ice cream or going out for lobstah.

4. The Side Bun: This easy look always feels appropriate, even on days when you just can’t even. Plus it will stay put come wind, water, or whatever.

5. Wrap It Up: Take a cue from this beauty and say yes to putting your hair up in a wrap before going in the pool. The protective accessory just so happens to look amazing in any setting.

6. Pony Upgrade: Even a messy ponytail looks fabulous if you tie a pretty scarf around it. This gives us lazy girls so much hope!

7. Top It Up: The top knot is a warm-weather classic. This style works on days when it’s too hot to have literally any hair in your face and you just need it up. Step one: Sweep hair into a bun and secure with bobby pins. Step two: Have a drink and forget it the rest of the day!

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