It’s the most wonderful time of the year, when lounging poolside and laying out on the beach is practically mandatory. If you’re planning to spend every weekend this summer waterside , just know we’re there for it too. That’s why we decided to pull together a list of the season’s top hairstyles that are post-swim hair. From braids to scarf-dos to beachy wave s, follow these looks for some serious summer hair inspo.

1. Go Fish(tail): Here’s how to master the fishtail , because you’re going to want to keep this look around all summer long. Even if it gets loose or messy, who cares? It still looks like #goals.

Beach Bunz ☀️ | @tyfrenchphoto @sav.labrant

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2. Sun’s Out, Buns Out: Everything looks more fun in twos, right? Especially these double high buns. Secure with elastic ties and a few bobby pins, and you’re in business.

didn’t do this cute little hairstyle on @allie_sugano but it’s so cute 😍

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3. Halfsies: When you don’t want to wear your hair all the way up, just do two basic braids and a half bun and you’re done. It looks laid-back but still has enough flair for stopping for ice cream or going out for lobstah.

4. The Side Bun: This easy look always feels appropriate, even on days when you just can’t even. Plus it will stay put come wind, water, or whatever.


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5. Wrap It Up: Take a cue from this beauty and say yes to putting your hair up in a wrap before going in the pool. The protective accessory just so happens to look amazing in any setting.

6. Pony Upgrade: Even a messy ponytail looks fabulous if you tie a pretty scarf around it. This gives us lazy girls so much hope!

7. Top It Up: The top knot is a warm-weather classic. This style works on days when it’s too hot to have literally any hair in your face and you just need it up. Step one: Sweep hair into a bun and secure with bobby pins. Step two: Have a drink and forget it the rest of the day!

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